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ySense Review: The New And Improved Clixsense?

ySense Review

After Clixsense rebranded back in 2019 we have been left with a GPT site but under a different name in ySense.

Along with the name changes the site as gone under many changes from on site to changing ownership.

In this post I will try to cover all the areas of this new site and whether its a breath of fresh air after the closing of Clixsense.


Are Clixsense And ySense The Same?

Since the ownership as changed if you originally had a Clixsense account you will now need to make a new one with ySense.

The reason why I know this is because I did attempt to log in to my old account however there wasn't one found.

ySense Logo

So to clear up Clixsense and ySense aren't the same. 

But for if you are not aware of the previous one it was a fairly well known PTC website that had accumulated 7 million registrations in there 12 years of being active.

Now who operates the new site is a familiar company in Prodege which is known for managing various GPT platforms, this includes ones I have reviewed in:

These are all sites I actually recommend and the fact that Prodege are now in control should make ySense and decent paying extra income site to use.

How Do You Get Started?

Signing Up For ySense

Now as I mentioned you will need to make a brand new account. There is a small box on the home page which you need to put in an email and a password.

These will become your login details and after submitting these you will be shown inside ySense.

The last thing to do is activate your ySense account, this will be through an email sent using them one you used.

How To Make Money With ySense?

It's only been half a year since the takeover so there is still a lot to improve on when it comes to the ways to make money. 

But already ySense is shaping up good already with many of the familiar features you would expect to see.

Alot are the same as Clixsense but slightly different in how they work apart from the pay to click feature which was removed.

So if you are used to the old site you may want to read this to understand ySense more. 

Let's have a look at the current opportunities they have.

1. Surveys

Selection Of ySense Surveys

Before you can get on with the surveys your first job is to complete a short 3 minute survey.

This will compensate you with only 5 cents but importantly unlocks the rest of the studies.

After I completed it which was all standard questions about my profile I was given 50+ surveys to complete.

Looking at all the surveys I was given you can expect to earn from a few cents to $5 per one.

These are all from survey routers that ySense have partnered with which include YourSurveys and

There is a duration on each survey you attempt so you will see how long it will take to complete.

2. ySense Offers/Offer Walls

ySense Offers and Offer Walls

There are two types of offers you can complete here, you can earn directly with ySense's ones and you can have a look at there partnered offer walls.

For ySense's offers you can get paid to sign up to sites, do trials, enter competitions and various other things.

These also pay quite well but does depend on what you are doing. For example from the ones I got and taking into consideration my location UK I could earn from $0.01 to $33.

The reason why I mention my location is because the amount of opportunities you have will depend on your demographic.

As for the other offer walls you have wannads, revenue universe, offer toros, ayet studios, adgate, adsend and adgem.

3. Tasks With Figure Eight

figure eight tasks

One of the opportunities that has stayed present is the ability to do tasks, while before it was under Crowdflower it has since changed. 

The tasks are now run by a company called Figure Eight which is a crowdsourcing platform where you need to do various tasks.

You do need to make a figure eight account first, once once you are signed up will you be able to complete them.

Being a member and doing more will also get you a greater selection to complete.

4. Affiliate Program

the affiliate program stays the same between ySense and Clixsense. You are given the same rate in 20% which can be upped to 30% the more people you refer.

You can like before get $0.10 to $0.30 for each person who joins using your link. If they are from the main countries then that will be a higher amount, if not you will get 10 cents.

In all honestly you will get more out of the rate as cents is quite a poor return considering the effort to get people to join.

From other GPT programs I have tried you would have more success promoting PrizeRebel.

Which while they are on par, that one just edges it with 35% of every referrals earnings for life.

5. Daily Checklist Bonus

Daily Checklist Bonuses

As a incentive to get you off the board there is a daily checklist for users to work on every day.

This includes bonuses for completing different objectives. Which includes doing surveys, figure eight tasks and offers.

You have a set amount of them that you need to complete and if you can get that done you will receive a bonus.

The maximum bonus is 16% which is decent especially if you intend to do the amount that they want you to do.

To break it down, it goes like this.

If you complete the daily checklist you will get 12%, if you then run the ySense addon in the background for at least one hour that will get you an extra 2%. Finally if you can complete it 3 days in a row you will get the final 2%.

How Do They Payout?

One of the main frustrations with the previous site was the lack of popular payout options.

Now since the changing of hands there are four payouts but one specifically is what users have been shouting for.

That being PayPal and in order to get it you need a minimum threshold of $10.

Choice Of Various Payouts With ySense

They have dropped Tango Card, Dwolla and Cheque for Amazon, Payoneer, Payza and various other gift cards.

The last two were with the last site but have been kept in.

For when they pay, currently for electronic methods it can take as long as 7 days to see your funds, this is all the ones starting with 'P'.

Has a new change integrated they have also stated if you are new to ySense you may also need to wait up to 15 days.

This is to prevent any fraudulent behavior from happening.

The 'Good' Stuff

1. Good Choice Of Rewards

Clixsense was one of the first GPT sites I came across and what initially disappointed me was the choice.

If you didn't have E-wallets or want a cheque you were not spoiled for choice.

So the new change as now seen the popular payment source of PayPal added in.

This is great as the cash options before were limited, and unless you had the previous e-wallets or were willing to wait for a mailed cheque there wasn't any other choices.

Overall the payment structure is now redefined and if any of the other sites Prodege work with are to go by I would say this is good news.

2. Plenty Of Choice

One thing is for sure is there is a abundance of ways to earn. Now apart from the referral system and some of the offers it is mainly market research opportunities.

But even still regardless of the country you join from you should find plenty of things to do.

Like I mentioned there is a lot of surveys, a good amount of offer walls and if you have a social media you have a platform to share your links on.

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

1. Bugs In The Early Stages

.With the website only in its first stages you would expect a bug or two.

I have paid attention to the reviews and there seems to be a few issues, from account closures to surveys.

One of the main problems does seem to be that surveys are hard to get into.

So from what I've seen people are attempting them and being told right away they don't disqualify.

But whenever there's a new site and even though this site has technically been up for over 10 years new ownership means new changes, which also means bugs.

2. Surveys Hard To Get Into

Firstly let me say I know how that feels even when I complete surveys now I struggle to get into some. It can be frustrating and that's what some reviews have been created in.

Secondly this will happen with almost any site you join, its just impossible to qualify for each one.

Its a numbers game, so if we take the above amount of surveys which I got is 50.

If I attempted all of them the chances are I could maybe complete 10 of them while the other 40 I might not be a fit.

You should be sent surveys based on your profile but for each one there is a pre-qualifying questions which is to double check you are a fit.

Is ySense Legit?

ySense is a perfectly safe and legit platform that you can make money with. I never had a single problem with Clixsense when they were still active but with this change I think its made them even better.

They are owned by a credible company and the changes they have already implemented seems to be positive ones.

My 'Worth It' Rating


I hope this updated ySense Review as helped you figure out if this new GPT site is for you.

Let me know also what you think about them and there switch in the comments below 🙂

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