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Yoursaypays Surveys Review – Legit Or Pointless Scam?

Today I’ll be bringing you a Yoursaypays Surveys Review. Yoursaypays is a survey panel based in the united kingdom that pays their members to complete surveys. This is a survey site that I have just come across recently after reading several reviews on them on social media. 

Anyway today I’ll be breaking down Yoursaypays to see if there a genuine survey site and if it’s really possible to make money using the site.

Who is available to sign up for Yoursaypays surveys?

Yoursaypays surveys are only available to residents of the united kingdom and the republic of Ireland. Unfortunately, young teens cannot sign up for the site as only adults over 18 are allowed to complete surveys on the site.

How do you sign up?

To sign up you will need to press the register here button at the top of the page. From there you will need to enter the standard details plus your mailing details, that is just to prove that you live in The United Kingdom or The Republic Of Ireland.

What Pay-out Can You Request?

You can request payouts in the form of either Amazon UK vouchers or PayPal Money.

What’s the Minimum Cashout?

Now Minimum Cashout is one of the main factors for me that decides whether I’m going to use a survey site on a regular basis. The minimum cashout for yoursaypays is £20 which is a turn ofI’veIve signed up for sites and use ones that have minimums of £5 and £10 but i find £20 just a bit too much. 

How long can you expect to wait to receive your reward?

The waiting times for rewards are not great. For both Amazon vouchers and PayPal, you will need to wait up to 30 days to receive your reward. This is pretty rubbish when you consider that there are many online reward sites out there paying their members in much less time. Along with the high cashout, this probably explains why this site isn’t that popular and why I haven’t come across this site much sooner.

So How does Yoursaypays work?

Uk companies pay and send out surveys to Yoursaypays which are then passed on to their members, basically you guys. For every survey, you successfully complete you will get paid for it. 

Yoursaypays update their site with surveys and also if members click the tick box when they sign up send survey invitations through email. I’ve seen many reviews from people who have said that a number of surveys you receive is little and infrequent. Not only that the surveys worth are fairly small and when I say small I’m talking a couple of 10ps.

Although I haven’t been sent many surveys since I joined the site, I did try and attempt a couple of surveys myself. The bad thing is that for all the surveys I attempted I didn’t get accepted to a single one and got screened out at times where I just wasn’t expecting it.

What other ways can you earn at Yoursaypays Surveys?

Because the site exclusively just surveys there aren’t any other ways you can just log in and make money from using the site apart from their referral system which I’ll talk more about in a minute. Making money is a struggle with this site as not only are there no other ways bar referrals of making money on the site but just the frequency of surveys. I’ve heard from some users of the site who have had to wait up to a year to reach the £20 minimum threshold

I’ve heard from some users of the site who have had to wait up to a year to reach the £20 minimum threshold, now that’s quite bad!

Yoursaypays Surveys Referral System

Thier referral system is the only other way you can make money on the site. For every referral, you recommend to the site that signs up you get £0.50 and so does the referral. Unfortunately, they do not offer percentages of your referrals earnings like most of the other survey sites are currently doing. I guess a good way of going about this site is that if you can conjure up 40 referrals to sign up then you will be able to receive a payout.

Can you earn money using this site?

It’s not a scam and you can make money using the site, just don’t expect to see a PayPal cheque from them anytime soon after joining. There are many other better survey sites out there that I recommend, PrizeRebel, Swagbucks and Keep Rewarding to name a few.

Sign up for Yoursaypays here

Yoursaypays Surveys Review Pros:

  • Can make a payout by using the referral system

Yoursaypays Surveys Review Cons:

  • Not enough surveys
  • Minimal threshold is too high
  • Over 18 requirement to sign up
  • Up to 30 days wait for reward to arrive



Don’t want to try Surveys?

I wouldnt mess about with the likes of Yoursaypays, a more reliable way to amke money is through affiliate marketing

Dont get me wrong surveys are a nice way to make money especially if you need it fast, but it won’t cover you in the long run. 

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Do feel free to any questions or just anything in general in the comments section below:)



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