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Yahoo User Research Panel Review – Legit Or A Scam?

In this post ill be looking at a market research study started up by one of the biggest search engines Yahoo. If you are familiar with this search engine you may know that they run thier own research studies, these are set up to recieve opinions on the search engine and use this information to help improve.

Obvioculy depsite the title Yahoo is legit and one of the biggest companies in the world so it goes no suprise that this panel is not a scam.

However the main question and probably the reason why you clicked on this site is to find out more information on what they are about and whether you can receive some nice free rewards.

Yahoo User Research Review Summary

Operated: Yahoo

What Are They?: Survey Panel

Verdict: Legit 

Worth It?: No

What Is Yahoo User Research About?

The yahoo user research panel is one that has been started to help Yahoo themselves collect data to help improve the user experience of their search engine.

Yahoo are targeting the US residents only however do accept teens from 13 years onwards.

What Opportunities Do Yahoo Offer?

To be fair to yahoo while most research panels have limited opportunities offered to you there are a number of ways you make money with this one. 

You can get paid through completing Usability and Field studies, this involves you going to either one of Yahoo's main offices or them coming to where you live. For these studies you can get paid fairly well up to $50 however they take between 1 or 2 hours to complete.

Another study avialable to you is the telephone study, this involves you giving your opinions over the phone. These also pay up to $50 however take much less time to complete starting from 30 minutes upwards.

The most familiar way to make money with their site is through completing online surveys. This is also the easiest way as it doesn't require you to go anywhere except using your computer from home. This could be one of the most efficient ways to make money as they only take up to 20 minutes to complete.

What Rewards Are Avialable

Yahoo pay out through only Visa pre-paid gift cards, the amount you get paid depends on the length or type of study you complete.

The Yahoo User Panel Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    Legitimate panel to earn rewards
  • check
    Accepts anyone over 13
  • check
    Positive reviews

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Some people have received a lack of surveys


Yahoo is obviously legit and actually offers some good ways to make some extra cash. From what I've seen there are a few members who have had problems receiving surveys but apart from that the reviews are mostly positive and some of the studies fairly well.

My 'Worth It' Rating

What do you think to Yahoo User Research? Have you tried them out and been paid out?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below 🙂

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