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What Is Tesco Home Panels? Try New Products and Voice Your Opinions

Product testing is fairly big these days and alot of companies are willing to pay top dollar to hear what the public have to sat about up and coming products.

If your familiar with product testing you will know it's a fairly cool way to either make money or get your hands on high end items.

If you type in to Google 'product testing' you will find 100's of companies but what I didn't know before today was that supermarkets have there own product testing panel.

In this review I'll be taking a look at Tescos Home Panel which is a supermarkets very own product testing panel. However what is Tesco Home Panels about and what can you get from joining them. I'll be telling you everything you need to know right here in this review.

Tesco Home Panels Review

Type: Test Products and Complete Surveys

Recommended?: Yes

Verdict: Legit

What Is Tesco Home Panels?

Tescos Home Panel is a product testing site set up by one of the leading UK supermarkets Tescos. Thier panelists consist of people enrolled to thier clubcard scheme.

The panel sends out various different types of products to thier members for testing. These products are Tescos own brand ones and the information they gather is then used to further improve them and generally make them better.

Being a giant supermarket chain this panel is of course legit and offers shoppers the opportunity to improve products that they may usually buy. 

How Do You Get Started and Registered For The Panel?

Now getting started won't take 2 seconds as there's an application process involved. This is split into two stages, you will first need to complete a application form about your self and send them off to the panel.

It's worth noting though and while it may seem obvious but in order to sign up for the panel you will need to be a resident of the UK.

Aswell as this you will also need to have a Tesco Clubcard which is easily attainable and something most Tesco shoppers have and use. 

The main reason for them requiring you to be in the UK is because they don't ship items out of the UK.

After that you will then need to check your emails to find the link to the second half of the questionnaire.

Once that's done you will want to send that of to Tesco and they will let you know within 4 weeks whether your a good fit for the panel.

What Types Of Products Do Tesco Send Out?

Tesco send out all kinds of thier own brand products, so toiletries, clothes, household appliances, hair products etc are all some of the products that could be sent out to you. It's worth knowing though that​​​​ they don't sent out food or groceries though.

Going back to the products they send out not all types of products will be sent out to your as they check thier testers shopping history.

So if you have never brought haircare products from Tesco it's likely you won't be sent out any to try out. 

I think this is a good idea as you able to try stuff out that you either have an interest in or usually include the type in your weekly shopping.

​Getting Paid To Refer Other People To The Panel?

Whats also cool is Tescos have there own referral system if you like so if your friends with someone who shops at Tesco but doesn't know about the panel you can invite them and recieve points.

These points can then be used and exchanged for £10 vouchers. You will get 5 points per successful referral, so you will need to get 10 referrals in order to get a Tesco voucher worth 10 pounds.

What Are The Surveys Like?

Aswell as sending out products to shoppers they also send out surveys that are completed online. However these surveys are fairly low paying giving you 1 point per successful completion.

So you would need to rack up a fair few surveys in order to get a voucher, 50 in fact but if you want have your say on Tesco products this could be worth it for you, as your making an impact and getting paid at that same time.

The Tesco Home Panel Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    Great for people who shop at Tescos regularly
  • check
    A good way to recieve and new products

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Not an opportunity to make an income online


​The Tescos Home Panel is a cool way to recieve new products from there own brand and get to try them out for free. 

While you won't be making money apart from the £10 vouchers on offer for the surveys it's a good way for shoppers to make an impact on the products there buying to help further improve them.

If you already shop at Tescos and are looking to test our products I would recommend them. However if your looking for a site that will offer you opportunity's to make a passive income online check out the button right below

My 'Worth It' Rating

Do you shop with Tescos? What are your thoughts on Tescos Product Testing Panel

Let me know in the comments section below

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