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What is Surveyeah Review – Can You Get Paid Fast For Your Opinions?

So what is surveyeah? Today I’ll be bringing you guys my a Surveyeah Review. Surveyeah is a survey site that has only recently been brought to the scene. With this site, it does feel like I’ve seen it all before as it looks almost identical to the likes of crowdology.

Like Crowdology, Surveyeah is also partnered with Cint Surveys and uses the same surveys as Cint. So I’m guessing if you were using a site similar to crowdology then you would be completing the same surveys.

It is pretty crazy how identical this new site is to some sites already out there, however today in this surveyeah review ill be looking at what the site offers to see if it’s a genuine opportunity to make money.

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What is Surveyeah?

Surveyeah is a market research company based in Italy, although it’s based in Italy Surveyeah as made themselves available to many other countries in the world. 

What Pay-out Can You Request?

You can request a payout through either PayPal or Amazon

When can you cash out?

The minimum cash out depends on which region you sign up under. You can get a cash out in either euros, dollars or pounds.

For Euros, the minimum is $5

For US dollars the minimum is $6.25

For GB Pounds the minimum is £4

How long Can you expect to wait to receive your reward?

All rewards are processed within 48 hours, which is great for anyone wanting to get paid fairly quickly.

How does Surveyeah work?

Once you have signed up Surveyeah they will start to send surveys to you through email. Sounds great, right? Not really, as the company say that you’re only guaranteed to get 2-4 surveys a month. A Month! Sorry for that but that is just not great at all when you take into consideration that decent survey sites offer you loads of surveys a day, not a couple every month. 

The thing is though is that realistically you probably not going to qualify for every single one you get either, which is just going to prolong you from getting paid. So basically you could be waiting around for a long time before seeing that notification pop up saying ‘You’ve got Paypal money’

Don’t get me wrong the site does pay and isn’t scam as many users have already uploaded payment proofs of getting paid through this site. They do offer many profile surveys which are supposedly supposed to improve your chance of getting more surveys. This is a good thing I guess but even then I doubt you will start getting flood loads of surveys. 

With all the survey sites I review I like to try them out first before writing out the review. I signed up for this just under a week ago and have seen no sign of any surveys in my emails has of so far.

With most survey sites I try I do tend to complete the profile surveys just to test and see how many surveys these sites will actually send you. As this site is run exactly like Crowdology I didn’t complete them on this occasion

Pros of Surveyeah

  • Fast Payout
  • Simple to use

Cons of Surveyeah

  • Only expect to receive 2 to 4 a month, which is bad when you compare to other survey sites
  • Hard to reach payout, despite it being fairly low


I know I’ve mentioned this site a lot in this review but it literally feels like an exact replica of crowdology except for the change of logo and maybe the design of the site.

With that said Surveyeah is not a great site to earn money and not one I recommend myself. This is mainly due to the real lack of surveys they offer you, there are just many other better survey sites like Swagbucks and PrizeRebel that offer you way more surveys on a daily basis then this site would offer you in a year.



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Hope you enjoyed my surveyeah review

Feel free to leave any kind of questions or anything in general in the comments section below

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