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Is SliceThePie A Scam Or Can You Get Get Paid To Listen To Music?

SliceThePie LogoSo your looking to find out whether is SliceThePie a scam or a site where you can get paid just to listen to music.

Your probably thinking surely its not possible to get paid to do something that a lot of us do throughout the day.

Well infact there are many of companies out there doing market research that are interested in consumers opinions. This includes music professionals that are looking for people to critique and give their feedback on different kinds of music.

Slice the Pie is a nice looking site that is relatively new to the rewarding online business. The site allows you to earn money by reviewing the stuff you love such as Music, Clothes, Fashion and Technology.

In this SliceThePie Review I’ll be going over everything you need to know about them.


What is SlicethePie?

What is SliceThePie? Well, Slice the Pie offers opportunities for you to get paid to review stuff such as Music, Clothes, Fashion, and Technology.

SliceThePie use your reviews to provide fashion designers, music producers, etc. without labels with feedback on their work.

They will then pay you for your opinions, thoughts, and feedback on these.

SliceThePie Get Paid For Your Opinion

How do SlicethePie Payout and When Can You Request A Payment?

You can get paid out through PayPal as soon as you reach $10 which don’t take very long to reach.

You will receive your payment within five working days of requesting; their primary payout days are Tuesday and Friday.

Is SlicethePie a Scam?

Is SliceThePie a scam I hear you ask, slice the pie are legit and have paid their users $1 million and counting with over 10 million reviews being submitted to the site.

How do I review on Slicethepie?

Create an account

The first step is to sign up for the site which takes seconds to do and requires only a couple of details

Start your First Review

Once you’ve signed up and are signed in everything becomes straightforward from then in, and you can start earning right away.

You will need to go to the review section at the top of the page, once clicked on you will be greeted by three main categories to review on, where from there you can pick whichever one you fancy reviewing and get straight to it.

One thing you will need to know before heading in is that you are getting paid for your time so don’t just give garbage in the review and instead offer a good in depth review of the song to help with feedback.

I know many people are honest and give good opinions but there are also people who think you can write a few words and get paid a quick buck. You will notice when doing the review that they do have a word count that you have to reach although its not to long, from trying the site for myself it took me roughly 10 minutes to complete a review.

There’s no limit to how many things you can review so essentially the earning potential is high with this site. Not only that but everyone’s opinion is valued on the site, so you don’t have to be an expert to review anything.

SliceThePie Clothes Review

SlicethePie Referral system

When you refer friends to SlicethePie, you will be able to get 10% of all of their earnings for life.

While this feature will help you earn money a little bit of money in the long run. I still think 10% is a bit too low especially when you compare this to other sites.

SliceThePie Refer A Friend


SlicethePie Pros:

  • A Fresh and fun way to earn money
  • Fast Payouts
  • Good Customer Service
  • Great Earning potential

SlicethePie Cons: 

  • Can take a couple of weeks to reach a payout
  • Referral system offers only a small percentage of referrals earnings

So Is SliceThePie A Scam

No, SliceThePie is legit and offers a good opportunity to make money by giving your opinions on different types of things such as music. Slicethepie offers a fun way to make money which is different from just taking the odd 30 minute survey.

One thing to keep in mind is that sites like this one wont offer ways for you to make tons of money online. Instead you can go in with frame of mind of making a few extra bucks a month, that’s what these sites are designed for.

My Verdict


My Alternative To Surveys

Slice The Pie offers a different way to earn extra cash online. That is why I recommend Affiliate Marketing as it gives you the opportunity to make a passive income. I use a site called Wealthy Affiliate that helps you to make your own online website and then shows you how to make money from it.

I’ll leave a link to my full review below as well as my 4 steps to getting started and making that first step towards making a full-time income. I should also mention its free to try out!:)

Click Here To Read My Full Review

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