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Inbox Dollars Review: Scam Or Legit GPT Site?

What Is Inbox Dollars Review

Inbox Dollars it quite a huge company and very well known for paying members to complete surveys.

As well as Surveys, Inbox Dollars pays you to do all sorts of other tasks such as reading emails, playing games, completing offers, etc.

Today I'll be bringing you guys another review on yet another popular site.

In this Inbox Dollars Review I'll be taking you through all you need to know about them as well as showing you how you can go about making money on the site.


Inbox Dollars Review Summary


What Are They?:

GPT Site

Target GEO:




 What Is Inbox Dollars?

To join InboxDollars, you must be over 18 years old or have the parental permission from someone over 18. 

Although InboxDollars Is a US site, there are different versions of the site in Canada and the UK being Inbox Pounds and Send Earnings.

Although I am from the UK, I thought id sign up to the Inbox Dollars site as well as signing up for Inbox Pounds to bring an InboxDollars Review for you guys.

How Do You Get Started?

First things first, though, How do you sign up? The sign-up process takes about 5 minutes in total including an email verification.

After putting in your email address as well as the password, you wish to hold the account with, you will then need to head on over to your emails to validate your account.

The positive of this though is that InboxDollars gives you $5 towards your first payout making it that little bit easier to cash out quicker.

How Do You Make Start Making Money?

Within the inbox dollar review, I've got for you I'll be rounding up the most effective and non-effective ways of making money.

Paid Emails

The First way is through completing Paid Emails. You can earn money in this paid emails section simply by reading sponsored emails from inbox dollars.

To get credited you must open up the emails, read through them and then finally click the little box to confirm you have completed an email.

Not only that but if you wish you can also fill out the offer in the email to get some extra points.

Paid Emails looks like a good way to earn money on the site especially if your cut for time and you want to make a little amount of money.


After a lot of research and a bit of 'trying and testing' and I would say that your best bet to earn a serious amount on this site is by making use of the offer section.

Usually, I suggest taking surveys or referring friends, but after reviewing them features, there is a lot more earning potential within the offer section then them two.

Inbox Dollars have quite a few offers updated each day. As there are so many, you can also refine the offers to choose ones based on your interests.

So if you were looking to find an offer and let's say you are looking to find a holiday soon, you would be able to find offers to do with holidays or similar.

An example of an offer could be 'browse this site and find potential holiday destinations'. That way you can have fun while making easy money.

Offers are broke down into two main sections at Inbox Dollars. You've got your paid offers section and your free Offers section.

Paid offers can be great and also more time efficient for the money they offer you to complete each offer. With paid offers, however, you will be required to purchase something.

As well as Paid offers they also offer free offers which don't require any type of purchase to occur to complete them. 

The good thing about these offers is that they are genuine and don't just have those stupid offers that spend about 5 minutes redirecting you from ad to ad.

Unlike some other survey sites, these offers are simple to complete without any silly hassle.


When you click on surveys, you will be greeted by the whole host of survey routers as well as some of the inbox dollars surveys.

I found surveys overall to be quite a disappointment on Inbox Rewards as they don't pay well for the time it takes to complete each survey.

Most surveys pay around $0.50 on the site which is way below other sites.

When you compare this to a high paying survey site such as PrizeRebel that are rewarding users with nearly $1 a survey, you recognise how weak the survey system is at Inbox Dollars.

I found this rather off-putting as I use survey sections on survey sites to make a good share of my income.

I would hate to complete a survey that's around 20 minutes only to get paid half a dollar, but that's just my opinion.

Playing Games

This feature is good if your looking to earn money at InboxDollars but also have fun while doing so.

To earn money you have to choose a game of your choice from their game library, register on the game and start playing to earn money. As simple as that!

You can also earn money for playing some games with:

Search The Web

By just searching the web using Inbox Dollars you can earn up to $0.15 a day. Although that don't seem to much, it is still an easy yet effective way to make $5 a month.


You can earn money for watching videos of inbox dollars sponsored video walls.

It's a good way to make money quickly although the pay will be very little for each video.

However, I would stick to the offer section if you want to get paid out fast.

Refer a Friend

For every person, you refer to Inbox Dollars you will then receive 10% of all their earnings on the site

What Rewards Are Available?

I have nothing but positive reviews from people using InboxDollars. 

Despite the High minimum payout which as put me off using this site as much in the past, people are getting paid on a daily occurrence for doing simple things on the site.

Although InboxDollars does pay out their members and that many people are sharing their positive views on the site with me, I still can't see myself using the site has frequently as I do with other sites. 

The Payouts you can request are an Inboxdollars eCard, Prepaid Visa Debit Card and a Cheque.

You can request any of those payouts I just mentioned as soon as you reach $35.

The Payment Schedule on InboxDollars is quite different to other sites.

After you've requested a reward, you will then have to wait until the first Wednesday after eight days of you requesting a reward.

Which means that you will receive your payment within 10 - 16 days of requesting it, whether that's cash or cheque.

The 'Good' Stuff

1. High Paying Offers

While plenty of opportunities stuck out to me the offers in particular were where I found you could make some good money.

A lot of the offers pay around $10, you will need to bare in mind that some are paid. But the good point with these is that it will help you reach the threshold fairly quickly.

2. $5 Sign Up Bonus

To give you an incentive to earn on the site I think the $5 bonus is a great start.

I know the minimum threshold is $30 but you are still getting free money, where if you earn the rest that becomes your.

3. A Range Of Opportunities

By joining a site like this one you are not going to find it hard to earn money as there are a number of ways to earn.

There is a good choice so if you are interested in Inbox Dollars you should be able to find something for you.

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

1. Limited Surveys

To those of you who like to complete lots of surveys daily then this could be an issue as they only allow you to complete one from a router a few times.

The amount of surveys you can do depends on the survey router however there does seem to be cap on how many you can do and therefore on how much you can earn.

2. Payouts Aren't There Best

When you have made enough to cashout which is high with Inbox Dollars the last thing you will want to know is that there is a processing fee.

That's right if you get to $30 and are ready for a payout you will have to take a cut as there is a $3 fee.

You can understand why there is a fee because they pay via cheque only however this isn't exactly normal and I have used 100's of survey sites.

This means lets say you make $27 and need $3 to cashout you are essentially working for free.

To add I also mentioned earlier the problem that the threshold is much higher then on other sites and the long processing times.

Up to 10 working days is far too long considering others won't make you wait that long, but again that is to be expected since it is through cheque which are mailed to you.

It's a shame as while Inbox Dollars are credible, legit and offer a number of ways the payment system brings them down a notch.

Is Inbox Dollars Legit?

It's most certainly possible to make money using Inbox Dollars, they have enough opportunities to keep you busy and earning.

There are no doubts when it comes to whether they pay as they do. That's just a fact as they have been paying for years.

But its through the payment system that the questions lie.

If you can accept the offputting terms of the payments I don't see why you can't make money with them.

After all you have a $5 bonus which will make it easier to get paid even if you cash out the once.

If you want to combine Inbox Dollars with a few other sites so you have even more options then click on the button below.

My 'Worth It' Rating


What do you think to Inbox Dollars? Have any questions or opinions you would like to throw my way?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below, I'm interested in hearing what you guys have to say 🙂

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