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What Is Hitpredictor About? – Are they Legit Or A Scam?

Similar to a site i reviewed a while back called Slice The Pie, Hitpredictor is another site that pays there members to listen and rate various songs. Sounds rather cool to me as you get access to songs before they even hit the radio, aswell as that simply rating songs is straightforward.

Now while that definety looks like an interesting and somewhat different way to make money the question is what is Hitpredictor about and are they legit or a Scam.  In this review I’ll go through both positives and negatives for the site and tell you whether the site is even worth your time and effort.

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What is HitPredictor?


HitPredictor is a site operated by a company called IHeartRadio with the aim of helping producers and record labels with opinions and feedback on new and different upcoming tracks. In return for rating songs and giving reviews members of Hitpredictor will get paid.

The idea is great as while your also helping businesses out with music your also getting paid for something that many people do on a day to day basis. 

How Do You Start Making Money With HitPredictor?

You will get paid to rate songs but not just any artist but some of the most trending artists in the world right now. So yes, artists like drake, Taylor Swift and the rest are just some of the well known musicians you will be reviewing there music for. 

One complaint that has come to attention with this site is that the music is not exactly new, most members are finding that alot of the songs they get asked for ratings on are songs that are frequently played on the radio.

You would think with a site like this the pay would be low but infact HitPredictor claim that you can get your first payment after rating just 10 songs. For every song you listen to and rate you will recieve 5 points, sometimes you will get more and sometimes it can be less, but generally it’s 5 points.


What Payouts Can You Get And When Can You Get Them?

You can recieve a payment through Amazon gift cards, so you won’t be necessary earning cash. However it will take you time to earn a payment, they claim that after reviewing 5 songs you can get a reward. For most members that had proven to not be the case though.


HitPredictor Pros and Cons


HitPredictor Pros:

  • Offers a different way to make money


HitPredictor Cons:

  • Won’t make you a full time income
  • Takes time to build up enough to recieve a payout




Hitpredictor is a legitimate site and offers a different way to make money compared to doing surveys and various tasks. However the issue here is that the build up of points is fairly slow, as you are only providing brief reviews and ratings of songs you aren’t getting paid huge sums of money.



My Verdict



Is HitPredictor legit?

HitPredictor is legit however many members have been having numerous issues where either it takes months to earn enough points to request a payment or they just aren’t receiving payments. This seems like it’s a recent problem as a lot of there long serving members are saying how the site used to be great but now it’s gone down. 

Dont Want To Waste Your Time With Surveys?

I’m my opinion I wouldn’t recommend HitPredictor as it takes just to long to make money and even when you reach threshold there’s no guarantee you will recieve your reward. To add you won’t be making money either instead you will recieving gift cards, which can’t be used to pay for bills,etc

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What do you think to HitPredictor? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below

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