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What Is Earnhoney about – Are They A Legitimate Rewards Site?

So your looking for ways to make money and you come across a reward site called Earnhoney and what to know whether they are genuine and a site that will help you make some extra income online. In this review ill be covering on what is Earnhoney all about.

I personally love reward sites especially the one I use however in this industry not all of them do offer opportunities to make a good few bucks online.

Now if your here to find out what is Earnhoney about and whether they are legit or a scam your in the right place. As I will be giving you all the information you need to know.

Earnhoney Review


What Are They?: GPT rewards site

Verdict: Legit

Worth It: Not really

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What Is Earnhoney About?

Earnhoney is a rewards site that most people refer to as being a GPT site. They will pay you to complete things such as surveys, videos and other ways.

​Getting Started With Earnhoney

Getting started and running is simple and will take you a couple of minutes to complete. You will need a few details such as your email address which you will need to verify your account.

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What Opportunitys Are Available To You?

As I briefly mentioned there are a number opportunities available to you including surveys and watching videos.

Now before i talk more about these opportunities let me just point out that Earnhoney adopt there own site currency in the form of 'honey dollars' so for every activity you complete you will be paid out in these, 100 honey dollars converts to $1. 

So without further ado there are a few more opportunities to add to them two which I'll go over now.


The first way is through completing surveys. For these you will get paid in return for giving your opinion on various topics. These pay just under $1 a survey.


For these you can get paid to watch a short video. This is a popular way to make money at Earnhoney as it requires little to no effort at all however is very low paying and probably not worth your time.

Playing Games

Another way you can make money with Earnhoney is through playing games. While this is fairly low paying It offers a fun way to earn.

Downloading Apps

As simple has it sounds you can get paid to download apps on your device. This can be an okay way to make some points however what I've found is that not all the time will you be credited which is frustrating.

Offer Walls

Another popular opportunity that you can utilize is there offer walls. These are found on most reward sites and is a way to make money for doing simple tasks such as sign ups, quizzes, competitions, etc.

Refer Friends

Another way to make money is too male use of thier refer of friend opportunity where you can make money on the site by referring others. 

Earnhoney will give you up to 15 percent of all the honey dollars your referrals make.

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How Do Earnhoney Pay Members?

Earnhoney Pay out through the popular means of PayPal and Amazon. The minimum threshold is low at $1 and this goes up to $25.

While most gpt sites payout in a certain time period for Earnhoney there are 2 designated days for paying out being Monday and Friday. So you can expect to recieve your reward from between 1 to 4 days.

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Earnhoney Complaints

There a few things that I could pick out from using Earnhoney that they could improve that I'll go over now.

Fairly Low Paying Offers and Limited Opportunities

When you sign up for reward sites you expect a number of opportunities to make money. At earnhoney while they do offer ways to make money only a few of them will make you a good amount of money.

I'd say maybe the surveys and the offers could you make some extra cash but for the rest the earning potential is fairly limited.

Site needs updating

While this is isn't such a big complaint it's certainly something Earnhoney should look into. The site feels like one that was created a number of years ago.

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The Earnhoney Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
     Offers a few fun ways to make money through playing games and watching videos
  • check
    Are legitimate and pay out

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Limited Opportunities available
  • close
    Site is quite old fashioned

My Overall Opinion

Its safe to say that Earnhoney is Legit and a rewards site that does reward it's members.

What I like especially about the site is the fact you can earn money through playing games and watching videos which are activities alot of us do daily for free.

The down side is that while they do pay out they don't pay alot. If your looking to make some extra income I would recommend checking out my #1 recommendation below

My 'Worth It' Rating

Thanks for taking the time out to read this Earnhoney review and I hope you were able to take something away from it 🙂

Have you had any experiences with them feel free to leave a comment down below

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