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What Is Branded Surveys – The New Mintvine?

What is Branded Surveys I here you asking. Today I'll be covering everything you need to know about them aswell as whether they are a legitimate site to make money with.

I've gone ahead and checked out the site in advance for the purpose of this review so I can give you my thoughts and opinions on them.

Now your probably wondering by the title of the post what do you mean by the new Mintvine. That is because the site now as a new name which is why it's now called Branded Surveys.

From what I remember and the review I did on Mintvine about a year ago they were a genuine opportunity. However since the rebranding are they still a site to use to earn extra cash online.

Branded Surveys Review

Name: Branded Surveys

Type: ​Online Rewards Site (Surveys and ​​​Tasks)

Recommended: ​Yes​​​

Verdict: Legitimate

Branded Surveys Review

Who Are Branded Surveys?

Branded Surveys which is the new name for the survey panel called Mintvine. Instead of keeping the original name the research company that operates them called Branded Market Research decided to change it back in November 2017

The concept of the site is still the same in that you will be paid for completing activities such as surveys and tasks.

looking at the new branded site everything else is still kind of the same with the odd changes here and there. I'll go through everything though as you go through this review

What Are Branded Surveys About

How Do You Start Making Money With Branded Surveys?

​Now like it originally was there are still the same opportunity's available to members.

For the surveys which work the same you can expect to receive roughly 50 points a survey with the minimal threshold being 1000 points which equates to $10. Some surveys do pay more then 70 but you will find the majority pay at least 50 a survey.

When you break it down 10-20 surveys should see you reach the threshold with each one being worth roughly $0.50 to $1 a survey.

Different Membership Levels

While you don't have to pay to participate on the site they do have different levels which consist of Bronze, Silver and Gold.

How this works is that for every survey you complete you will earn a point that will be put towards the next level. 

You start off at Bronze and eventually go from that to Gold as you complete more surveys. You will need 270 points to get from Bronze to Gold. 

Each level offers benefits so the higher the level the more you will recieve for completing various tasks. These tasks consist of Referring a friend, Poll Streak and Completing a certain amount of surveys in a day and many more will get you more points.

Obviously the higher the level you are the more you will be rewarded so if your interested or a member of this site it could be worth investing your time in.

I know some other panels offer this such as Prizerebel that offer bonuses for what are the loyal and long serving members.

What Is Branded Surveys Complaints Like?

Being essentially the same site as Mintvine alot of people still use them and rate them as a solid rewards site for making extra cash.

I can vouch for them also has I used to use them a couple of months ago and was able to cash out my earnings a couple of times.

However I have moved on to another site simply because the opportunitys there were better and also I found grinding out $10 each time to withdraw a pain.

What Is The Payout Process Like?

As I briefly mentioned you will need $10 to withdraw, that is 1000 points in the Branded Surveys site currency.

You can withdraw via either Paypal or a Gift card of your choice. They do have quite a variety of Gift cards to choose from including the likes of Walmart, Itunes, Starbucks, Target, Amazon and many more.

They also have Cinema and Restaurants vouchers and cards available aswell

Achieving the threshold isn't to hard however its worth noting that reaching this every single day is a challenge as I found the surveys do run out. That could just be my region as I know people in the US do get access to far more surveys than those in the UK.

When you compare it to the likes of Toluna and Cashcrate and some others who have a threshold of $30 this one is fairly reasonable

The Branded Surveys Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
     Some members have struggled to qualify for surveys
  • check
    Medical surveys pay really well
  • check
    Get paid in Cash through Paypal

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    The earning potential is limited
  • close
    Hard to reach the minimum threshold on a consistent basis
  • close
    Not available Worldwide, only to those residing in Canada, America and the United Kingdom.


This site overall is a good site for those looking to make extra cash online. From my experience with this site and mintvine before it making an extra $20 to $40 isn't over achievable. 

​Obviously I'm sure you know that survey sites won't make you a fortune or replace a full time job. However they can if used correctly bring in a decent income. 

It all depends with what survey site you use as sone will make it much easier to make money and then some will do the opposite.

I currently use survey sites to pay for things such as rent, food, and other essentials. So you can see having that extra cash can really help out

My 'Worth It' Rating

What do you think to Branded Surveys? Maybe you have already used them or still do?

Let me know what you think to them by leaving a comment below!

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