Best Survey Sites For Making Money
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What Are The Best Survey Sites For Making Money?

what are the best surveys sites to make money

If you are looking online for a way to make money one of the first things to come your way might have been paid surveys.

In fact when I first came on the internet years ago it was the first opportunity I got involved in.

I was a teen back then and completing surveys while being under the minimum age requirement for an actual job worked for me.


Nowadays there are even more survey sites and opportunities for newbies or anyone for that matter to get involved in.

So if you have some spare time, a device with an internet connection then you can start making extra cash giving your opinions in surveys.

You don't need to pay any fee to join them nor do you need to sign a contract. You simply find some survey sites, follow the registration process and start filling in surveys.

That is where I come in.

I over the years have reviewed over 300+ survey panels, this has resulted in me having quite a lot of knowledge with finding the right sites to make money with.

Where Are The Best Survey Sites?

While like I mentioned I have signed up to hundreds of sites and tried them, many have which have turned out to be time sucking low payout opportunities.

Yes that is a good number of them, however not all of them. That is because along the way I have found survey sites that pay out and present fantastic opportunities to earn.

From my findings I have put the best sites in seperate lists which accommodate for your countries.

Here are my best of lists:

Alternatively you can check out my go to survey site that I have been using for approximately 7 years.

Some months I am able to make as much as $1000+ a month, that is because they have the greatest selection in opportunities I have seen. You can check them out right below:

1. How Does It Work?

Survey sites all tend to follow the same problem apart from the exception. But how they work is very simple to understand.

Once you have signed up to one site you pick it up and it makes it easier to earn on other survey sites.

  1. You sign up
  2. Complete a profile (this is normally a few questions about yourself)
  3. Verify your email address - so they can notify you of new surveys to your inbox
  4. Finally start completing surveys

From here you will either have a dashboard of surveys to complete or like I said above will start getting invited to some.

An additional tip is to completely fill out your profile as this will get you matched with relevant surveys that fit your demographic.

2. How Much Can You Make?

I mentioned above that you can earn as much as $1000+ a month and while that is possible you will need to set yourself realistic goals.

When I first started doing surveys I signed up to as many sites as I could. Not only was this good for trying various platforms out but I was able to complete the highest paying surveys every day.

Now each survey isn't going to pay you a lot, from my experience I have had between $1-$50 a survey, but more commonly you can expect a study to offer less than $5.

But still if you are able to complete a few surveys every day and you set yourself that goal you will be able to earn a second income each month because of it.

How much you make also depends with how smartly you use your time, So make sure to keep an eye out for good paying surveys and sign up to multiple sites in order to achieve that.

There is a cap though I would say making enough to survive and pay your bills as it is unpredictable however this is more of second income instead of a primary one.

Anyone with experience with surveys will tend to say the same thing.

3. Is It Easy To Take Surveys?

There are a number of benefits to taking surveys that I have experienced over the years.

  1.  Easy to do as you are just giving your opinion on services and products
  2. You can complete them whenever it suits you
  3. In some cases you can get paid fast and not need to wait weeks for a payout

All in all taking surveys is something anyone can do. To reiterate what I I've said already you will want to find a survey panel that works for you. 

I see a lot of people swaying to different panels, so by signing up to a few is only when you will know whether its for you.

I know you are likely here on this page wanting to get started in surveys so I do hope this info as been of use to you. 

Feel free to use the links above, this will save you a lot of time finding legit sites and because I have tried out so many I feel I am one of the best people to point you in the right direction.

If you have anything on your mind or just want help drop a line below.

Apart from that goodluck 🙂


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