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Wealthy Affiliates ‘Umbelievable’ Referral System VS Survey Site Referrals

In this post, I’ll be talking you through referrals and comparing gaining referrals with surveys sites compared to referrals on Wealthy Affiliate. Both ways are great ways to make money but offer different income potential opportunities.

Making money through referring other people can be a great way to build and create an income for yourselves. When I review a survey site I always pay attention to their affiliate program as they can give you the opportunity to make a passive income.

In this post ill be talking you through just how much money you can make through referring and the difference between survey sites and the highly popular business platform Wealthy Affiliate

Making Money Using WA Referral System

Wealthy Affiliate is an online business platform that not only offers you an opportunity to make money online but refer people to the site in return for commisions using their referral system. Unlike survey sites, the pay isn’t a few dollars and you can make up to $23 per referral you refer, obviously, the more you refer the more you make.

Compared to survey sites the earning potential is much greater however its all about targeting the right audience that is interested in making their own business. The survey site audience often consists of those looking to make some extra online this is different to Wealthy Affiliate as the audience will be people interested in making a full-time income online by launching their own business.

Ill talk now on just how you can get started with Wealthy Affiliate and what their referral programs have to offer most survey and reward sites out there.

First things first you will need to create a WA account which is so easy and takes literally seconds!

<< You can make it right here:    >>


How does it work?

Wealthy affiliate provides you with the opportunity to make money by referring visitors to WA through your online business. For every referral who signs up for wealthy affiliate through your online businessyou get a commission, it’s that easy! There are so many people searching the internet nowadays, looking for opportunities to make money online. So as long as you build a good online business following the tips and tricks you learn at WA you will start to see those referrals roll in.

If your interested in finding out more about what Wealthy Affiliate I’ve made an in-depth full review here. This shows you each feature in depth and how exactly you can benefit from using this platform over others.

How do the commissions work?

When you sign up for WA there are different subscriptions offered to you, when you refer visitors you get a certain commission of the subscription they purchase at the site. Although not everyone you refer goes to premium with about only 12% ( 1 in 8 ) making that decision.

  • When a Referral successfully completes the sign-up process you will get 2 credits ($1)
  • First Month Free for New Members – (59% off = $15.99) – You will get $8
  • Sign up For Monthly Subscription – $49.99 – You will get $22.50
  • Sign up For Yearly Subscription – $359.99 – You will get $175

if you’re a starter member, however, you will earn only half, so for e.g instead of getting $22.50 for each monthly subscription, you will get $11.50, which is still pretty good!


Not only that you get a commission on all the purchases they make on WA. If they renewed their subscription either monthly or yearly you will keep getting commissions.

So if someone you referred was to stay at WA for 5 years you will earn a whopping $875


if you were to get 100 referrals you could be earning up to 2,250 grand, and it doesn’t stop there! 

The potential is that big!

Okay…. I may have made it sound so easy but in truth, it is as long as you commit and put the hours in it, anyone can succeed in any online business it just depends if you have the determination to make things work!

Affiliate Bootcamp – Your #1 Guide

download-9The affiliate boot camp course provided by WA is a great course on learning all you need to know. Kyle runs all 7 of the courses in the affiliate Bootcamp with the first one exclusively free to all free members. Basically, the idea of the 7 courses is to show you all the possible ways of promoting affiliate marketing, including blogging, Banners, Links and much more…

download-7Although you may think that’s not entirely amazing I have to admit when I first got introduced to WA I learned all the basics I needed to know to succeed in course 1. By going to premium, however, you ultimately have the full shebang of it all.


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