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Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam? – My Honest Review

Wealthy Affiliate Review

As well as survey sites I like to check out and talk about other genuine opportunities out there that will help you make an extra income online. The platform I’ll be talking about today is called Wealthy Affiliate and is a program that teaches people about the world of affiliate marketing. So your probably wondering whether Wealthy Affiliate is a scam.

As you may tell by some of my other posts I have written is that I do recommend survey sites as some can offer awesome ways to make additional incomes online. These activities present include completing surveys, watching videos, completing offers and referring friends.

The latter is something that Wealthy Affiliate teach and show you how to make money doing as they have a referral program of thier own. In this post I’ll be going over my experiences with them and what they have on offer.

My Experience

When I first came across Wealthy Affiliate I was like oh just another one of those scam websites where they say you can make a ridiculous amount for free. But after lots of research into the product, I did finally decide to sign up with them and oh boy was I wrong about this site.

When I signed up with Wealthy Affiliate the support was great and there was always someone there if you needed help with anything.

The first thing they showed me when I signed us up was the online lessons, these were great as they helped me to learn and get a feel of what it takes to set up an online business and how you need to go about in very clear detail

Your Probably like, so what is this site, well Wealthy Affiliate is a program started up by 2 people called kyle and Carson whose aim is to show people the ropes of starting up your own online business.

On the site you will find all sorts of training which are for all ages of all people, you can be a beginner and know absolutely nothing about online business and still take the training and succeed. Although not everyone succeeds with their website, only the ones with the determination and drive to go far will succeed.

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam? 

I can most certainly tell you that it is defiantly not a scam and that is something is really going to help you in starting up an online business. I am fairly new to the process and have only been on the site for over a week but I can already say that it has been a great experience so far and that the community has a whole is brilliant and so supportive.

Many of the members are always sharing inspirational stories on the site of how it has helped them as a person and in their situation and have been able to share their successes. The two people who own the business are Carson and kyle, these people are two of the most friendliest people out there and along with the community on the site they are always going out of their way to support everyone starting up the process.


So What Exactly Does The Program Have To Offer?

Wealthy Affiliate as a whole range of tools and features that will help you set up your own website from scratch and build it up as a successful business.

The site contains a lot of training and for all levels, whether you’re a beginner or absolute expert anyone can take them.

Another good feature that the site has and that you might not get access to elsewhere is the 24/7 live chat, this is great and is something I use a lot as there are always people actively willing to help you out with whatever you need help and support on.

As I mentioned earlier Carson and kyle are always on hand to help you at any point and one thing they do well also is keeping the site up and running and functioning to the best of its ability at all times and with them always looking out for the site and making sure that is never falling behind in today’s world, you always know your in good hands with them.

My Final Verdict

Overall, in my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a scam and is worth it especially for those of you who are serious about making an online business. There aren’t many existing platforms out there that are re of benefit, many of which if not a scam normally have many upsells.

With this one however not only do I highly rate them above other affiliate platforms but there also free to try. I’ve tried platforms such as Affilorama and Carbon Copy but the potential isn’t as great as with the one I recommend.


I hope you enjoyed my review on wealthy affiliate and that if you have anything to ask me to feel free to leave a comment below:)

This is a fairly brief review however if your looking to find out more about them I’ve written a more consise review here.

if you are interested in checking them out and creating an account with them check out the link for Wealthy Affiliate here.

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Cya later folks, Josh ?


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