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Is Vindale Research Legitimate Or Just Another Time Waisting Scam

Is Vindale Research Legitimate or are they a site you should avoid at all costs.

This is the question Ill be answering in this Vindale Research review. I'll also be covering all the aspects you must know before checking them out yourself.

I am a fan of surveys however I have found not all survey sites to have a great earning potential which is one of the concerns I found with Vindale.

So is Vindale research a scam and are they worth your time and effort, read on to find out what I have to say about them. 

​Vindale Research Review


What Are They?: Get paid to complete surveys

​Verdict: ​Legit​​​

Worth It?: Yes

Vindale Research Main Page

What Do Vindale Research Have To Offer?

So What is Vindale Research About?

Vindale Research is a market research company based in the US that pays there members to do various studies and surveys.

Who Is Eligible To Sign Up For The Site?

People from the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Australia

What Opportunities Does Vindale Research Offer?

Vindale Research has various studies and surveys available to you for you to complete. New studies and surveys are uploaded throughout the day so there’s always something to do on the site.

Most Survey sites these days such as Swagbucks and Prizerebel offer other ways to make money on their sites like by doing offers and watching videos but vindale at vindales the only way you can earn is through surveys.

How Much Do They Payout For Their Surveys And Studies?

Vindale pays anything from $0.10 to $75 a survey, however, the very very high paying surveys don’t come around that often. In fact, most of the days I’ve logged in I’ve found most of the surveys to pay $1.00 or less.

Also as being a member to Vindale, you get exclusive invites to the latest surveys through email, which is pretty awesome. $75 surveys are hard to come by and even surveys higher than $10 are rare but they do update the surveys throughout the day.

What I did notice is that with the higher paying surveys they were very difficult to qualify and in fact I’ve attempted quite a few and only completed one. 

If you’re looking to make money on the site through surveys then I would recommend completing the daily global test market and live surveys as the qualification rates for them are fairly low.

You get a maximum of 10 Global Test Market surveys to complete and 2 live surveys. The global ones pay $1.25 each and the liveSample surveys pay $0.75 each, which leaves a potential of $14 a day.

Another thing I noticed about the surveys they offer is that tell you how long each survey takes as well as what the survey is about. I find this is something that not many survey sites are doing as it would if on other sites you could know the details before getting into a survey

Vindale Research Survey Invitation

Vindale's Referral System

Now, this is undoubtedly the best feature of the site being their great referral system. For every person, you refer to Vindale you then receive a $5 commission which is both high compare to others and cool. 

Out of all the referral systems I’ve seen on survey sites, this one is definitely up there with the best. In order for you to get a credit, the referral must complete a $1 survey.

I have signed up for quite a few survey sites and this one stands out in this area, I would argue that it’s quite possible to make a good amount just by using this system compared to completing the surveys. 

Unlike some survey sites, Vindale doesn’t offer a percentage of your referrals earnings which is a bit of a bummer. Sites such as Swagbucks offer things like $5 bonuses for every referral plus a percentage of all their earnings.

Vindale Research Referral Program

Vindale Research Complaints

There are a few complaints that I noticed while researching Vindale Research which I'll go over with you.

1. Threshold Is Too High

Now while the site does offer opportunities to make money a lot of members have complained about the threshold you have to reach in order to get paid.

The Vindale Research threshold is at $50 which when you compare to a lot of current survey sites is considerably higher. This makes it a long grind to reach $50, this can take time to build up.

2. The Paid Offers Require A Lot Of Money

Now if your familiar with offers then you may know how paid offers work where you get paid for completing something that requires some kind of purchase.

Now what is different with this site sis that for some of their paid offers you have to pay alot of money to complete them. I'm talking $20, $30, $40...which is alot of money to spend on offer.

You do of course gain more for your money and profit however in many cases putting that much money is too much just for an offer. This as resulted in a number of complaints from members.

Is Vindale Research A Legitimate Company?

Vindale Research has been around for a good number of years so it comes as no surprise that they are legit.

The company is legitimate according to the BBB the Better Business Bureau.

The BBB use a letter system to rate each company and have awarded Vindale with an A and also being a Accredited Business

Vindale Research BBB rating

The Vindale Research Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
     High paying surveys
  • check
    Plenty of opportunities to make money available
  • check
    Nicely laid out site
  • check
    Great referral system

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    You can only request payments for the 15th and 28th/30th/31st of each month
  • close
    Apart from the global test market and live surveys most of the surveys are hard to qualify for.
  • close
    While there are really high paying surveys most of the surveys won’t pay you well for your time

So Is Vindale Research Worth It?

It is possible to make money from Vindale but I don’t see it as an effective use of your time as most of the surveys take a long time but only pay little. Vindale research isn't a scam however they aren't the best use of time.

I would say however, I would recommend it for its referral system has there’s a lot of earning potential there. They offer $5 a referral which is one of the highest rates I've seen on a survey site so this is a feature that could provide you with a good passive income.

Unless you’re going to use the referral system or check in every so often for their $75 surveys then I’d recommend using the likes of Swagbucks or Prizerebel instead as they pay far better and don't have high thresholds to cash out.

My 'Worth It' Rating

My Alternative To Vindale Research

I like Surveys and I do use many of my favourite survey sites to gain money, but earning money with Vindale for the most part is rather hard work.

Mainly due to thier mostly low paying surveys and the high thresholds which is especially frustrating.

Don’t get me wrong they are legit however if your looking to make a consistent income every month I'm not 100 percent sure if this site will cut it.

It is your decision at the end of the day so feel free to try them out and see how you get on as you may find it okay

Thanks for reading my review on ‘is vindale research legitimate.’

Have you used this site before? If so what are your thoughts on the site?

Let me know in the comment section below!

Have a great day


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