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Vanson Bourne Business Panel Review – Is This Panel Legit Or Not

For any of you survey takers out there you may be familiar with Vanson Bourne Business Panel as you may have come across one of their surveys at some point. Now although the panel does have some of their surveys sent out to survey routers they do in fact have their own website where they reward members for completing various surveys on there.

Today I’ll be bringing you review on Vanson Bourne Business Panel so by the time you get to the end of this review you will know whether this site is genuine or not.

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What is Vanson Bourne Business Panel?

The panel is made up of professionals in the IT and Business organisations from various countries all over. Now how the panel works is that they will receive market research surveys from other third party companies in which they will then pass them over to their members. Pretty much how every other survey panel works.

From some of the survey panels, I’ve used and also reviewed not many have looked professional like the way Vanson Bourne is. As soon as you go on the site you get a sense that the company is trustworthy, in the sense that the site is set up well and the Logo doesn’t look too bad.

Who Is Available To Sign Up?

While the panel is primarily based in the UK it supports other countries as well. Some of the main ones being the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and many other countries. Basically, if you don’t live in a small country then you’re probably eligible to sign up. You must also be an adult to sign up so as long as your 18+ you can go ahead and sign up.

The signup process is definitely longer than usual with this panel. While some sites primary objective is to just get you signed up and going which means on some occasions you will only need to require 2 or 3 details.

However with this one not only do you need to fill in the essentials you’ve also got to provide details of your company as well. This will only take another couple of minutes but it does seem long at the start.

What Payout Can You Request and When Can You Request One?

There are two different payouts you can request when you’ve reached the minimum which is either through Charity Donations or Amazon UK Vouchers.

How do you Start Making Money With Vanson Bourne Business Panel?

Once you’ve registered for Vanson Bourne you won’t necessarily be able to start making money right away. Once you’ve entered all the registering details Vanson Bourne will then review your request to become a member. This process can take a few days but can also take much less. As soon as they’ve accepted your request you will be allowed to go ahead and start earning.

Vanson Bourne will send you invitations to any surveys that fit you through your email. 

Pros Of Vanson Bourne Business Panel:

  • Their surveys are fairly easy to complete
  • Not too bad disqualification rates compared to some sites
  • Minimal Threshold of 20 points is reachable

Cons Of Vanson Bourne Business Panel:

  • You have to apply to become a member
  • Can’t request payouts of cash

Is Vanson Bourne Business Panel Legit?



Like most sites, Vanson Bourne won’t makes you an instant millionaire but should help you earn some extra cash, in this cash though Amazon vouchers which are still fairly handy. The good pro about this site is the surveys they offer as they are fairly straightforwrd to get through so reaching 20 points shouldnt be that hard or take you that long.

My Verdict


Want a more efficient way to achieve a full-time income?

Like I mentioned a minute ago, Vanson bourne business panel will only help you earn extra cash and most certainly won’t replace a full-time income.

I highly recommend using Wealthy Affiliate as they teach you everything you need to know about creating your own online business for free and then how to make money from it.

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