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Is UserTesting Safe – Can You Really Earn Upwards Of $30/hr?

Usertesting Review

A opportunity that has come my way is UserTesting. This is a online platform that claims to offer a way for people to get paid to test various things.

One question I always ask with testing sites is how safe it is and today you will be learning whether is UserTesting safe and a site that will make you like the title suggests $30 an hour.

I am no stranger when it comes to testing opportunities online and have reviewed a few since the foundation of this blog.

You might of heard of another opportunity called Product Testing, well its kind of similar, just this one is based online.

Anyway, I’m guessing you’re here to find out more about them and whether what they offer is genuine.

So without further ado lets get started


UserTesting Review Summary

What Are They?:

Product Testing Opportunities

Target GEO:




 What Is Usertesting?

Usertesting Logo

As the name of the company suggests UserTesting is a site that pays their members to complete various tests. Being a participant of the site you will be required to download software which helps Usertesting gather all the information they need. So if you are checking out a website, this software will track you every move.

Market Research Companies pay are willing to pay a lot of money to hear the opinions of the public on new products and services. In this case. UserTesting will get paid by these companies to give out tests to their users to receive feedback in return

UT OneWorld

How Do You Get Started?

The Sign up for UserTesting took me a bit longer than it would normally take when I have signed up to similar sites in the past. In total it took me just over 5 minutes which I guess isn’t too long.

First off let me just say that to sign up you must be over the required age of 18, but apart from that, there are no other requirements to participating on the site.

The whole sign up process is basically an application for UserTesting to see whether you can complete their studies. No need to worry though as pretty much everyone is accepted and normally your ready to go within 30 minutes of applying.

The Sign Up process requires you to download one application to your desktop ( This records the screen ) as well as completing a Test. For the test, you will be taken to a website where you will do various tasks while talking. So if you don’t have a clear voice or are not comfortable with talking through the mic this may not be for you.

UT Step 1

After you’ve completed your sample video, your sample test will then be sent to UserTesting to be confirmed. They say to give them a couple of hours but it typically only takes around half an hour or less.

UT Step 2

How Does UserTesting Work?

Like the diagram below shows its fairly simple and requires only 3 steps to getting paid.

Once you’ve signed it’s very straightforward as it’s as simple as checking into UserTesting to see what new tests they have available.

The only issue I guess someone could have with is that rather like survey sites you will have to complete demographic information when applying for the studies. 

Just like when you have to complete surveys, market research companies want to make sure that there hitting their target audience so that the information they are getting back is then relevant and can be used.

Since I’ve joined I’ve completed a handful of tests each of which offered different amounts of money in return for my time and effort.

How Much Money Can You Make On UserTesting?

The First test I completed took me around 10 minutes and paid me $5, which is not to bad a payout, but not at the $10 I was expecting.

The test was fairly simple to complete and just required me to click and complete various things on this travel website. One of the tasks in this test was to pick a hotel in Paris, which took little to no time.

I applied for more tests and finally, I got a test worth $10 the next day. As expected this one took me much longer than the others at around 15-20 minutes completing pretty much the same tasks just on a different website.

How Does UserTesting Payout?

While some companies do offer payouts through cheque, UserTestings only way of paying their members is through PayPal.

I have no problem with that myself as I use PayPal a lot and it is the main payout I use on most reward sites nowadays.

However maybe adding some additional methods in the future could be good as i know gift cards such as amazon are very much popular.

UserTesting Earn $10 A Test

The User Testing Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

1. Straightforward Tests

I like how the tests are straightforward to complete and this is a positive for me. At first it is a little weird however I did complete a few tests and got used to how the process works. 

2. High Chance To Get Paid

Some people can be reserved when joining making money sites online however with this one they give you good expectations and say there is 99% chance that you will get paid.

While that isn't 100% which is ideal UserTesting do have an excellent payout record and tend to only not pay out on those who don't follow the instructions of the test properly.

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

1. Slightly Longer Registration Process

One of the not so good things I found about UserTesting is that you will need to apply in order to become a member. I can understand why that is the case and that is mostly due to them looking to recruit quality members who are going to give good feedback.

Anyway a little heads up for you there as they aren't like other sites where you can simply register on the home page and be making money within seconds. It doesn't quite work like that.

2. Waiting Times...

There are further waiting times unfortunately and this is for when you have completed a task. You will only be able to request a payment 7 days after you have completed a task.

Is Usertesting Legit?

I would like to round of this Usertesting review by saying they are legit and a safe site to use to make money with. It is possible to make $30 an hour through there studies however its important not to treat them as a job as you won't be working 9 hours a day and getting that amount each hour, this isn't that opportunity.

With that said I do recommend them and if reviewing websites is something down your road then by all means try them out. Also do come back and share your experiences, that way others reading this post can find out how others are finding them.

My 'Worth It' Rating


My Alternative To Making Money Online

While you could make a decent amount of money using UserTesting, I don't believe its the best way for you to approach making a full-time income online.

It is a decent opportunity don't get me wrong and I do recommend it however I would recommend Affiliate marketing as its my favourite way to make money online as you can make a passive income online each month.

If you are interested in learning more about this and how exactly I benefit (and how you can too!) then check out my full review here. This review will take you through everything you need to know including what the platform is about and how much money you can make.

What do you think of UserTesting? Tried It before? Or even got anything to say in general?

Let me know in the comment section below 🙂

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