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Is UserTesting Safe? Can You Earn Money Using This Site

I’m not going to lie to you my first impression of UserTesting wasn’t great. I’m always getting emails constantly every day saying things like ‘try an iPhone 7S and keep it’ or something like ‘You have just won 50’000…Blah Blah. These emails I get in my inbox are mostly scams and that’s exactly what UserTesting reminded me off at first. As there are many scams that claim to do what UserTesting does. 

Anyway, I’m guessing you’re here to find out more about UserTesting and whether it’s a genuine opportunity to earn money online. Ill be letting you know very soon…

For the purpose of this review, I have had a play about with UserTesting to see what it’s all about

Is UserTesting Safe? Well, let’s get into it!

How Do You Sign Up For UserTesting?

The Sign up for UserTesting took me a bit longer than it would normally take when I sign for these kinds of sites. In total it took me just over 5 minutes which I guess isn’t too long.

First off let me just say that to sign up you must be over the required age of 18, but apart from that, there are no other requirements to participating on the site.

The whole sign up process is basically an application for UserTesting to see whether you can complete their studies. No need to worry though as pretty much everyone is accepted and normally your ready to go within 30 minutes of applying.

The Sign Up process requires you to download one application to your desktop ( This records the screen ) as well as completing a Test. For the test, you will be taken to a website where you will do various tasks while talking. So if you don’t have a clear voice or are not comfortable with talking through the mic this may not be for you.

After you’ve completed your sample video, your sample test will then be sent to UserTesting to be confirmed. They say to give them a couple of hours but it typically only takes around half an hour or less.

What is UserTesting?

As the name of the companie suggests UserTesting is a site that pays their members to complete various tests. 

Market Research Companies pay are willing to pay a lot of money to hear the opinions of the public on new products and services. In this case, Usertesting will get paid by these companies to give out tests to their users to receive feedback in return

So How Will You The User Get Paid For Using UserTesting?

Like the diagram below shows its fairly simple and requires only 3 steps to getting paid. Once you’ve signed it’s very straightforward as it’s as simple as checking into UserTesting to see what new tests they have available.

The only issue I guess someone could have with usertesting is that rather like surveys you will have to complete demographic information when applying for surveys. Like surveys, market research companies want to make sure that there hitting their target audience so that information is then relevant and can be used.

Since I’ve joined I’ve completed a handful of tests each of which offered different amounts of money in return for my time and effort.

The First test I completed took me around 10 minutes and paid me $5, which was a good but not quite the $10 I was expecting. The test was fairly simple to complete and just required me to click and complete various things on this travel website. One of the tasks in this test was to pick a hotel in Paris, which took little to no time.

I applied for more tests and finally, I got test worth $10 the next day. As expected this one took me much longer than the others at around 15-20 minutes completing pretty much the same tasks just on a different website.

How Do UserTesting PayOut?

While some companies do offer payouts through cheque, UserTestings only way of paying their members is through PayPal. I have no problem with that myself as I use PayPal a lot and it is the main payout I use on most reward sites nowadays. However maybe adding some additional methods in the future could be good as i know gift cards such as amazon are very much popular.

Pros Of UserTesting:

  • Fairly Easy To Complete a Test
  • Tests Updated Each Day
  • Once you’ve been accepted its simple from then on in
  • 99% you will definitely get paid for a task

Cons Of UserTesting:

  • Sign up process takes at least 5 minutes to complete
  • You have to apply to become a member
  • You can request a payment 7 days after completing a task

Is UserTesting Safe?

Yes It Is


While my first impression of the site wasn’t great, I believe now that this site is a genuine opportunity to make money. 

I had a good experience with the site and got paid for the tests that I took which is a positive.



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What do you think of UserTesting? Tried It before? Or even got anything to say in general?

Let me know in the comment section below:)








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