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Top10bestpaidsurveys Review – Scam Or Legit?

So your looking for ways to make money and you come across a survey site that claims to pay. However to start earning you must sign up to the site to then be shown other survey sites that will make you money. 

Bit confusing, don't you think? Well in the review I have for you a site that follows this concept. 

I do recommend taking surveys online as they can provide you with a good source of income. It goes without saying though that not all sites will but there are ones out there that will make you money.


If your looking for a rewards site that offers plenty of opportunities to earn cool rewards check out my #1 recommendation.

Unfortunately not every survey site is legit which is what you will find out with this top10bestpaidsurveys review.

A lot of people have been asking me whether or not top10bestpaidsurveys is real or not so hopefully this review helps you out.

The way this site works is strange as they say you will make money by signing up however you won't be earning money through them directly instead you will be shown other survey sites to sign up for.

Top10bestpaidsurveys Review

Name: Top10bestpaidsurveys

Type: Recommends you to other survey sites

Recommended?: No

Verdict: Scam

Top10BestPaidSurveys Summary

Completing surveys is a great way to make money and is a method I recommend especially if you want to make money in a short space of time.

However I only recommend sites that not only pay but will actually pay you well, that’s not a bracket that top10bestpaidsurveys fits into too.

What Is Top10bestpaidsurveys About?

My First Impressions

When I first clicked onto the site I found myself on the main landing page. 

What seemed quite dodgy already to me was that the site had in bold letters ‘Make £300 per month in your spare time’. 

Sites that claim that you will make so much is not great in my opinion as there just baiting you to sign up. In this case the amount the say you can make is reasonable and can be made, there would be question marks if another zero was added on as in general you will only be able to make a part time income.

The site doesn’t show you how can go about making that money instead they only show and promote survey sites that will offer opportunities for you to make money.

So what they do is legit however it is quite misleading as when you go onto the site you initially think you will earn £300/ a month with Top10BestSurveySites.

Top10bestsurveys £300 a month

Anyway despite that lets jump straight into it and find out what Top10bestpaidsurveys is really all about and why they aren’t what they make out to be.

Where Do You Start With Top10bestspaidsurveys?

Top10bestpaidsurveys is a site that claims to be and work like a survey site despite the fact they aren’t.

On the landing page, they boast that they have over 500’000 members already earning money with them.

However I don't understand where they get that number from as when members sign up through them they are not making money directly with top10bestpaidsurveys instead there making money with their partners.

Sure you are making money eventually but your better of finding survey sites yourself. If you type it in to Google 'survey sites' many sites come up that you can start earning with. 

So even if you knew top10bestpaidsurveys wasn't a survey site you are better off not signing up for them as its not a good use of time.

Its all one funnel where the site gets paid every time they get people to sign up for their partners.

The thing is I have seen this before and it does seem like there are company's already out here trying the same business strategy.

Ones such as, Survey Spotter and Click 4 Surveys are good examples of sites where a sales funnel (conversion funnel) is designed to help the owners make money.

How Does Top10bestpaidsurveys Work?

For the purpose of this review, I decided to sign up for the site to find out what goes on and whether it's possible to make £300 a month.

After I’d signed up putting in my name, date of birth and email address, I was then taken to step 2 of the sign-up process where I was shown a whole host of survey sites.

Above is what step 2 looks like and at first, I thought that once you complete the sign-up process you will get surveys on the site itself.

They say to select all to earn more money so that’s what I did. 

At step 3 I was told to then confirm my email address by clicking on a link that had been sent to my emails.

Surprisingly I didn’t get an email and still haven’t received it now. Which made me even more suspicious.

if you can’t get into the site and receive surveys then how an earth are you supposed to earn money using the site.

The whole idea of this site is rather odd as you don't need it to sign up for surveys site as you can easily find them yourselves.

Within the next half an hour of signing up instead of getting a confirmation email I got emails from all the companies that I ticked saying validate and confirm your subscriptions.

Summing It Up...

If you came to this site has a solution to earning money through surveys then I'm afraid this isn't one. They aren't a scam but at the same time Top10bestpaidsurveys is nowhere near being legitimate.

While this site is of no benefit for you unless your looking for 10 random survey sites your better of finding them on Google or better still checking out our #1 recommendation which will actually help you make £300+ a month.

All this site does is sign you up for loads of different survey sites, so you won’t earn a single cent using the site. 

My Verdict


Have you used Top10bestpaidsurveys? What do you think to them?

Let me know in the comments section below:)

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