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Toluna Surveys Reviews – Is It As Bad As What People Say?

Toluna Surveys Reviews – Is It As Bad As What People Say?

When it comes to survey sites, Toluna is one of the biggest and most well-known ones out there. Despite it being one of the biggest surveys sites this site as received mixed reviews of both good and bad, although the majority haven’t been great. Today I’ll be bringing you a Toluna Surveys Reviews and giving you my honest opinion on the survey site

I’ve known about Toluna for some years now, and I’ve always seen it as being behind some of the main survey sites despite them still racking over 4 million members to date. Survey sites have improved the last couple of years or so with many companies making payouts easier to achieve as well as improving the amount of earning opportunities available to their members. When you compare Toluna with the likes of Swagbucks, InstaGC, Ipsos Surveys, you will notice a huge difference. Although Toluna may have one of the freshest layouts, you would have seen there features on the site do however disappoint.

Today I’ll be giving you an unbiased toluna surveys reviews on toluna and will be showing you all you need to know to make money on the site.

Does Toluna pay out their members?

Toluna is known to pay out their members the only problem is that their rewards are hard to reach compared to other sites. When you look at a well-known survey site such as swagbucks you only need to complete 5 or 6 surveys to reach the minimum payout. However, for Toluna you will have to complete 30 odd surveys, and that’s just to reach one of their few £5 payouts. The high in demand PayPal and one of the most popular payouts on survey sites nowadays requires a $35 minimum to withdraw which means you will have to complete around 180 surveys which is insane.

Who Can Join Toluna?

Anyone over the age of 18 can join Toluna. You can also join Toluna from any countries in the world.

How do you sign up?

Although in general, most survey sites make it relatively easy to become a member of their site, Toluna has made their sign-up process even easier. As well as making it possible to make your account on the home page Toluna also credits you 500 points for joining.

What payout can you request?

Thiers some payouts you can request including PayPal, Restaurant Outlets, Online Retailers and more. The one thing that is odd about the payouts at toluna is that you can only request one amount for each payout. The likes of PayPal can only be redeemed at $35, Amazon at £20 and Itunes at £10

What’s the minimum payout you can claim?

The minimum payout is 20000 for a Toluna Watch, but if you’re looking for a gift card, then the minimum payout is 25000 (£50). Rewards range all the way from 20000 points to 180000 points.

How long can you expect to get your reward?

You can expect to receive rewards within eight weeks of requesting, which is much longer than the average 1-3 days you typically get on other survey sites.


How can you earn money using Toluna?

I have to admit when I first came across Toluna and looked at the ways you can make money on the site, and I could see straight away that there wasn’t much going on the site. There are two notable features, however, being the survey section and the monthly prize draw. Although the survey section isn’t too spectacular its the only way, you can go about earning money on the site. Thier are a couple of other features, but these have nothing to do with money, so I’ll talk about them in a bit.


When you first click on the survey section, you will be greeted by pages worth of surveys. The amounts for each survey may not be great. One thing I will hand to Toluna is the fact that the layout is well set out and for each survey, it tells you with a picture what the survey is about, which is quite nice.

For the surveys themselves, I have had good experiences. When I have completed Toluna partnered surveys (QuickSurveys) on other survey sites I have had mostly success with them and found them fairly easy to complete. I also found the Surveys on Toluna to be straightforward, but unlike the Toluna surveys you get on other sites, you do find yourself getting screened out more often, and these seem to be looking for a more particular audience for each survey.

Each survey takes around 10 to 25 minutes to complete and Credit almost instantly to your account. The surveys that are offered to you are on a variety of topics such as:

  • Food
  • Computing and the Internet
  • Lifestyle
  • Home and Garden
  • Other

Monthly PrizeDraw

Monthly PrizeDraw gives you the opportunity to win up to £2000 by completing surveys. When you complete surveys and profile surveys, you get more entries into the Monthly PrizeDraw.

The more surveys you complete, the higher your chance of winning one of the prizes in the prize draw. The prizes consist of three lots of £2,000 cash, £1,000 cash and £500 cash prizes and them two lots of £250


Gifties is a scratch game that allows you the chance to win a variety of gifts. The good thing about Gifties is that you can win stuff with a small entry fee.

When you buy an entry, you will be entered into a draw for that award where a winner is then chosen at random.

Taking how many points it takes to get one of the rewards out of the catalogue, this could be your best bet at winning anything on the site as you only need 50 points to enter a giftie.

Toluna Pros:

  • Lots of Surveys to Complete
  • Prize draw offers good prizes
  • Low Screen out rates on their surveys

Toluna Cons:

  • Takes up to 8 Weeks to receive a reward
  • You have to complete a lot of surveys to reach the minimum payout
  • Not many features to make money
  • They only have one amount that you can request for each payout


Toluna does pay that taking you make it to a payout as compared to other survey sites I don’t see Toluna as being an efficient way to make money on a daily basis. If you like to cash out once a month, this site is definitely for you. If not I would look elsewhere at other survey sites that pay you a good rate for your time.

My Verdict


If you’re interested in signing up for toluna, you can check them out here

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