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Tellwut Surveys Review – I’ll Tell You Wut They Are Really Like! (Review)

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Today I will be bringing to you a Tellwut surveys review and will be taking you through everything you need to know about them.

Tellwut is a North American based survey panel that seems to offer a genuine way for your average joe to make some extra cash giving their opinions.

I have come across this panel only recently and its one that seems to have many happy users and mostly positive reviews. I will do my best to cover all the questions you have on them and if you are looking for a survey panel then this review will help you make a decision on whether this is one you should sign up for.


Tellwut Review Summary

What Are They?:

Survey Site

Target GEO:


USA and Canada


 What Is Tellwut?

Tellwut surveys is a survey panel located in Canada, Toronto to be specific. Tellwut pay their members to complete surveys and do other things such as refer members to the site

Tellwut Logo

How Do You Get Started?

As far as I know, you will need to be from either US or Canada to complete surveys on the site. The site is also only looking for people who over the age of 18.

How Do You Sign Up To Tellwut Surveys?

There are two ways to sign up for Tellwut, you can use your Facebook account of sign in by filling in the form. Either way, you will get 100 points for completing this part and then a further 150 points when you complete the rest of the registration process which requires you to verify your email address.

The registration including both parts took me 10 minutes in total to complete. In return, I got the 250 points which equate to roughly a $1.

Tellwut Sign Up

How Do You Make Start Making Money?


There are two types of surveys available to you, one being Tellwut surveys and the others being external surveys. The Tellwut surveys are their own surveys whereas the external ones come from out of the survey panel, more specifically through survey routers.

If you start a Tellwut survey your almost guaranteed to get paid for completing it as you can’t get disqualified from them. The average points however for completing one of these surveys is only 15 points so you would need to complete an awful lot of these to reach the payout.

The other type of surveys you can complete is external surveys. The difference between these ones and the Tellwut Surveys is that these have been created by other market researchers outside of Tellwut.

Surveys payout at 5-15 points, Approved surveys pay out up to 20 points and for an external survey, you can get all the way up to 2000 points.

Referral Program

Tellwut have a referral system where they pay you 25 points for every member you refer to the site. When you look at the fact you need 4000 points to get a payout this will mean you will need 160 referrals to get $10. That’s a lot of referrals!

I recommend using referral systems as there normally along with surveys the best way to earn money. While most of the referral systems I use and prefer are the ones which pay you a percentage of your referrals earnings as this allows you to get more earning potential. However, I guess with Tellwut if you were to get just over 1000 referrals that’s an extra $100 in the bank.

What Rewards Are Available?

There is quite a range of gift cards available to you including Amazon and many US and Canadian retailers. The minimum threshold is 4200 points for a $10 gift card. You can also get cash through there pre-paid debit and credit card options.

Once redeemed these will either be sent to your email address or through the post to your house. It depends on the gift card and it will be stated how you will receive the payout.

Unfortunately, there is a number of gift card options but not too many cash options. So if you’re looking to get paid actual cash I would recommend you check out this list of high paying sites that pay through PayPal.

Oh and one more thing you will also need to wait 10-15 working days to receive a payout.

Tellwut Rewards

The Tellwut Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

1. Range Of Gift Cards

Apart from not having any cash options which is disappointing there is, however, a number of gift cards that you can get using your points.

These consist of various restaurants, retailers such as Target, Amazon, Best Buy, Starbucks and more. You also have movie and retail vouchers which is cool. 

2. Good Qualification Rates

Something I was impressed with Tellwut was there surveys which is quite an important aspect as they are a survey site, but there surveys are quite good.

Looking at the reviews many of the users are having good experiences with them are finding them easy to complete.

The qualification rates are also great by the looks of it as not many people are being disqualified from them and are completing them in return for a payout.

Believe it or not many survey panels get this part wrong and make it hard work for users to earn, take MyView for e.g a survey panel I reviewed recently who have very poor surveys.

3. Point Three


The 'Not So Good' Stuff

1. Poor Referral System

When a survey panel excels in some areas there may be one they don’t as well and in this case the referral program is quite poor.

They do pay you for every referral you invite however the pay is so low I wouldn’t even recommend you give it ago.

As I said earlier you will need over 160 referrals in order to get to the threshold which is a large number of people.

This means each referral pays literally cents, so when you compare it to sites like PaidViewPointOpinion Outpost and Survey Junkie who each pay $1 for each referral it shows that Tellwut may need to have another look at this department.

2. Infrequent Surveys

While the surveys pay out well there does seem to be a lack in surveys with Tellwut not sending them out that frequently.

While it does suck, with the surveys being easy to complete and low disqualification then that could be the reason. 

Is Tellwut Legit?

Tellwut is legit and doe pay you to complete surveys. The site is quite well regarded with many positive reviews and I would recommend them If you are from the US or Canada then this site could be worth just trying out as it seems to pay their members. 

It would, however, take you some time to reach a payout because of the high minimal threshold.

My 'Worth It' Rating


What do you think to Tellwut? Have any questions or opinions you would like to throw my way?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below, I'm interested in hearing what you guys have to say 🙂

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