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Is Tellwut Surveys Scam or is it legit? My Full Review

Today I’ll be reviewing another survey company called Tellwut, otherwise known as ‘Tell us what you think’. Even though I haven’t heard much of this site since recently this site is known to paying their members and has mostly positive reviews.

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So then is Tellwut surveys scam or legit? There are positives to the site but there are also negatives as well, but I’ll explain them more as we go along. By the end of this review, you will know the answer to this and whether this site has any earning potential with it.

What are Tellwut Surveys?

Tellwut surveys is a survey panel located in Canada, Toronto to be specific. Tellwut pay their members to complete surveys and do other things such as refer members to the site. 

Who Is Available To Sign Up?

As far as I know you need to be from either US or Canada to complete surveys on the site. Bad news as well for any teens using or wanting to use the site as you must be at least 18 years of age.

How Do You Sign Up To Tellwut Surveys?

I’ve noticed recently with a number of survey sites that Facebook is becoming increasing popular in signing up for accounts with survey sites. As you can gather Tellwut allows you to sign up for the site using your Facebook account. You can also manually sign up using your email address.

An awesome thing that Tellwut do is that they give you the chance to get bonus points along the way of creating your account. Things, like entering your mailing details and confirming your email address and some others, will get you as much as 100 points each. But obviously, you will need to still complete a number of surveys to reach the minimum threshold.

What Payout Can You Request and When Can You Request One?

There is quite a range of gift cards available to you including Amazon and many US and Canadian retailers. With the minimum for these being $10 which means you will need at least 4000 points to claim a payout. Unfortunately like quite a lot of other survey sites the option of getting some form of cash isn’t available, so if you’re looking to get PayPal money I would check out this list of high paying sites that pay through PayPal.

Quite a big downfall to this site is the fact that you will need to wait 10-15 working days to receive a payout

What Surveys do they offer?

There are two types of surveys available to you, one being Tellwut surveys and the others being external surveys. The Tellwut surveys are much easier to complete compared to the external ones because they have been created by Tellwut. If you start a Tellwut survey your almost guaranteed to get paid for completing it as you can’t get disqualified from them. The average points however for completing one of these surveys is only 15 points so you would need to complete an awful lot of these to reach the payout.

The other type of surveys you can complete is external surveys. The difference between these ones and the Tellwut Surveys is that these have been created by other market researchers outside of Tellwut. 

Tellwut Surveys Referral System

Tellwut have a referral system where they pay you 25 points for every member you refer to the site. When you look at the fact you need 4000 points to get a payout this will mean you will need 160 referrals to get $10. That’s a lot of referrals!

I reccomend using referral systems as there normally along with surveys the best way to earn money. While most of the referral systems i use and prefer are the ones which pay you a percentage of your referrals earnings as this allows you to get more earning potential. However i guesss with Tellwut if you were to get just over 1000 referrals thats an extra $100 in the bank.


Pros Of Tellwut surveys:

  • Quite a lot of gift cards available
  • Non – Tellwut Surveys pay okay

Cons Of Tellwut surveys:

  • Referral system doesn’t pay well
  • Not enough surveys to receive payouts frequently 

Is Tellwut surveys Scam Or Is It Legit?

Yes Tellwut Surveys is indeed a legitimate site and many members are using the site to get paid


With some really positive reviews on this site on most survey review sites, I wouldn’t argue against this site. If you are from the US or Canada then this site could be worth just trying out as it seems to pay their members. It would, however, take you some time to reach a payout because of the high minimal threshold.



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Have you had any experiences with Tellwut Surveys? Got a question in general to ask me?

Let me know in the comments section below:)

Have A Great Day! Josh

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