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SurveyTouch Surveys Review – Is This A Genuine Site For Making Money?

 SurveyTouch is a survey panel with a nicely presented site. This one has been around for some years now and today I’ll be reviewing the company to see if they prove to be a genuine opportunity for making money online. So without further ado, let’s get into my SurveyTouch Surveys Review.

Now before I go on and talk about Survey Touch let me just point you in the direction of my #1 recommendation for making a full-time income from home. I’ll leave a link to my full review right here

What are Survey Touch Surveys?

SurveyTouch is a survey panel that partners with the well known CINT panel. There seems to be a lot of survey sites these days partnering with Cint and these seem to be another one joining on to the list.

Like most survey sites, Survey Touch will pay you every time you successfully complete a survey, so when you complete a survey that credit can then be put towards a $1o payout. 

What Payout Can You Request and When Can You Request One?

The Payouts are good and the minimal threshold is fairly reasonable to achieve. You will be able to request a payout through PayPal as soon as you reach $10.

Survey Touch Surveys

Despite the minimal threshold being $10, it’s actually fairly easy to reach as most of the surveys pay highly. They offer up to $5 per survey, but the higher reward surveys are more uncommon.

Unfortunately, with the surveys, they are fairly inconsistent as you will only get a maximum of 3/4 a week, not only that you’ve still got to qualify for them which is also fairly difficult as the screen out rates are quite high.

Pros Of MindMover:

  • High paying surveys of up to $5
  • Pays through the popular PayPal

Cons Of MindMover:

  • Can be difficult at times to qualify for a survey

Well Is Survey Touch Legit Or A Scam?

Yes Survey Touch is Legit, but I found with many people’s feedback that the surveys were fairly unreliable


SurveyTouch seems like the kind of site you will build up points over a long period of time to get that one payout and then look elsewhere. This is because of the inconsistently of surveys, with only a maximum of 3 a week. So, unfortunately, I will not be using this site regularly like some of the other sites I’m currently am.

My Verdict


What’s My Recommendation?

Unfortunately, sites like SurveyTouch will give you no chance at earning a nice passive income due to consistently. You need consistency which is why I recommend Affiliate Marketing as with that you have the opportunity to make a solid Full-time wage each month without fail.

I’ll leave a link to my #1 recommended platform just below, which shows you all you need to know about it and how you can get started today.

P.s. It’s Free to try out!

Check out my full review for them right here

Recommended  Survey Sites For Making Money

Have you had much Survey Touch Before? Maybe I’m wrong? Do let me know your thoughts and questions in the comment section below:)

Take Care Guys:)

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