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Surveyon Review – A Legitimate Site To Make Money?

With most survey sites being aimed towards the demographics of the US and the UK, this one called Surveyon is different and targets the Asian countries.

Despite targeting this area the site is available to residents worldwide and in this Surveyon review ill be going through everything you need to know about them including whether they are legit or a scam and if legit are they worth your time and effort.

Surveyon Review Summary


What Are They?: A survey site that targets the Asian demographic

Verdict: Legit

Worth It: No

What Is Surveyon About?

Surveyon is a US based survey site owned by a market research company called Datasping. The aim of this company is to collect and hear your opinions to help further improve market research.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy and takes a few minutes to do, like most survey sites you will also need to complete a profile survey. This is what panels use to get to know there members more and send more opportunities that are relevant to them there way.

While some sites ask for lots of background information you will only be required to give out your date of birth and email address. Unlike other survey sites you won't be required to give away details such as your mailing address. This in total takes two to three minutes to finish the registration.

Whats interesting about this site is that you can sign up and register but once you have done that depending on where about you live you may not be able to participate. Being from the UK I signed up however I was shown a notification saying 'We are sorry but Surveyon is not available in your country'. Its a little odd as if I had known I wouldn't of tried signing up.

How Do You Start Making Money With...

Once you have signed up you can effectively start earning points that can later be put towards a payout. You will start to have surveys coming your way which after each one you have completed you will recieve a certain amount of points.

Now let me just talk about the points system as it is a little more complicated compared to other sites. While I prefer sites that stick to the cash system, how this one works is for every 100 points works out at a $0.01. So if you complete a 10000 point survey for instance that will result in a $1 payout.

The one issue that I found is that surveys are an issue as they are both limited and pay small, this means that any earning potential with this site is quite low. For most surveys you can expect to recieve 5000 points generally and these will take you around the 10 to 20 minute mark. 

I like completing surveys however a 20 minute survey in return for a $0.50 is below worth your time. This could be an issue if your looking to make quick cash without giving away too much time. I tend to stick with this survey site as the surveys pay better and some even take 1 or 2 minutes to do, not leaving you wishing for your time back.

What Rewards Are Avialable

The rewards avialable aren't in the form of gift cards but instead will pay you out via PayPal which I prefer as its a quick and easy way to recieve your survey earnings.

The only problem is you will need to reach their minimal threshold of $10 before you can request a payment. So with the lack of surveys this will be a grind to reach.

The Surveyon Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    A survey site available to residents in Asia
  • check
    Payout through PayPal
  • check
    Open to teens over 14 years of age

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Limited surveys and the pay is low
  • close
    Not available worldwide

Is Surveyon Worth It?

Surveyon is legit however making a substantial amount with them is hard due to the limited opportunities avialable to you. While they do pay out there are better survey sites out there that will give you a better return for your time.

If your still interested in making money through surveys then why not check out this mini guide I created of the 5 best survey sites that still payout in 2018

My 'Worth It' Rating

Do you think Surveyon is worth it or a site to avoid? Let me know what you have to say down in the comments section below 🙂

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