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What is Surveygoo Panel Review – Is This Site Legit Or A Gooey Mess?

Is this site just a gooey mess well in this review we will find out whether this site is actually a legitimate site to use or in fact just another scam. From what I’ve seen online most of the reviews seem to be in favour of Surveygoo, however, today we will find out today whether the site really does live up to its reputation. So what is Surveygoo panel well let’s get into the review shall we

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What is SurveyGoo?

SurveyGoo is survey panel which is based in the UK and owned by a company called Asia Opinions. Even though the name suggests that there a company based in Asia, they are in fact actually based with the UK.

How To Sign Up?

Joining Surveygoo is pretty much a piece of cake as it only requires you to verify your email address and that’s it your done. As long as your from the UK and your over 16 then your pretty much good to go.

The reason why you have to verify your email address and like how most survey sites make you do is to make sure that the address is yours so they can send you invites to surveys.

With this site, you can expect to receive the majority of invitations to surveys through your email so keep an eye out for them if you’re wanting to earn with the site.

How To Start Earning Money?

Like I just mentioned as soon as you sign up you will start to receive survey invitations through the email you provided. These can be based on all types of products, services, etc.

However, one thing I noticed over the last couple of weeks of being a member is that the number of surveys you receive is fairly low, at the moment from the last 3 weeks I’ve had a total of 10 survey invitations which is fairly low. So already I can that reaching that minimum threshold regularly is going to be quite difficult. 

As for the surveys you can expect to be on a survey for 5 to 20 minutes. For the most part and from the ones I attempted and completed they took about 10 minutes to complete.

What Payouts Can You Request?

Every time you complete a survey you will get a certain amount of points allocated to your account which can then be put towards any of the rewards.

You get to choose from either PayPal and Amazon to request with the Paypal payments being almost instant with a maximum of 48hrs for receiving payment. For Amazon Gift-Cards, however, it will take between 7-14 days to receive them in the email.

Pros Of Surveygoo:

  • Quick payouts via Paypal
  • Low Threshold

Cons Of Surveygoo:

  • Real lack of surveys

Is Surveygoo Legit Or Scam Site

Surveygoo seems like a genuine site to earn money with, so yeah I can verify that this site is in fact legit. However recently I have reviewed a couple of sites that were really poor or just scams, so it’s good to see a site that does offer members an opportunity to extra cash.

The only real floor to this site is the lack of surveys but if you add this site to some other survey sites then this can help increase your monthly income.

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