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Survey Sites That Pay By Check



When it comes to paying out members for completing surveys many sites go for the electronic approach being mainly PayPal or Gift Cards. Although most sites do pay out through the above methods there are still some that pay the old-fashioned way. 

For me, while I do like to receive PayPal payments getting that occasional cheque through the post is great. While you may or not be familiar with cheques in this post I’ll clear up everything you need to know about them as well as how to get them.


How Do Cheques Work?

When you reach the threshold or minimum payout at a survey site they will offer you ways to cash out them earnings. One of which can sometimes contain Cheques.

Who Are Cheques Available to?

What you will find with sites that pay out via cheque is that they only send them to members residing in the same country. So if you sign up to an American survey site you probably won’t be able to get a cheque if you reside in the UK. However, there are quite a few panels that support oversee cheque payments as they simply convert the currency.

Which Sites Payout Via Cheque?

Off the top of my head, some of the most well-known survey sites that pay out via cheque are GlobalTestMarket, Cashcrate, and Ipsos. These are just a couple of the sites that pay through cheque, ill leave a list of some other sites that may be worth a try. 





Pros For Requesting Cheques

Everyone loves cheques simply because it’s like getting cash in hand. They’re so simple to use which makes them quite convenient. All you have to do when you receive one is take it to the bank and from there they will put the funds in your account.

Cons For Requesting Cheques

There is only one issue that I can think off when it comes to requesting cheques. This is the fact that you can sometimes have to wait days sometimes weeks to receive that one cheque in the post. However, one thing I like to do and can to somewhat solve this is to use multiple survey sites at the same time as in that way you can be receiving payouts constantly.

My Opinion

While I love the thrill of getting cheques my go to payout source is Paypal as its safe and fast. With PayPal sometimes I can get paid within an hour or so of requesting which is why I use it so much.

However, for some sites, a payout through cheque is the only option so I do still request them from time to time.

If you live in a country where Paypal isn’t accepted or getting cheques is easier then I would definitely recommend them as a payout

Not Really Interested In Surveys

For any of you not interested in surveys, then ive got an alternative that in my opinion is better then surveys. My #1 recommendation is to make money by creating your own online business.

Making your own business from scratch gives you the opportunity to make a passive income from the comfort of your own home.

I use a trusted platform called Wealthy Affilite that gives you all the resorces and tools you need to get a website up and running and then making money.

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Have you used the payout of a cheque before? What are your experiences recieving payouts?

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