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How To Avoid Survey Disqualification

Survey disqualification is one of the most frustrating things and while sometimes when you get disqualified from a survey it may not always be your fault sometimes there are things you can do to prevent this from happening.

Most times you can completely prevent yourself from being screened out from a survey. When I tell people when I’m out and about that I take surveys for extra income. I normally get a reply saying ‘well that sounds easy’, well not all the time it is I say.

Although I have been with survey sites for years now, from time to time I’m always getting disqualified from surveys. This typically for making silly mistakes. Once I’ve clicked or done the wrong thing in a survey I almost immediately realise what I’ve done but by that time it’s too late…

Today I’ll be giving you guys some tips that you can use to prevent yourself from being disqualified as often

Watch out for ‘Quality’ Questions

When you’re completing a long survey it is sometimes easy to lose concentration and just tap any answers. For the majority of surveys I’ve taken somewhere down the line they tend to put in a trick question otherwise known as a ‘Quality’ question. These are put in their to check that you the survey taker are paying attention and not just picking random answers. If your halfway through a survey and out of nowhere you just get screened out it’s probably due to you falling for a trick question.

When I take surveys I like to scan at the question quickly before picking an answer. This is not necessary reading through the question but just having a 1 or 2-second look before going on. I do this because if a question for e.g said to tick the number 3 your more likely to see it and make sure that you tick the right answer. There have been times however where it hasn’t been so obvious that the question is a quality one. Sometimes you will be completing a string of questions with one in there that blends with the others but is actually a trick question there to catch you off guard.

Don’t Contradict yourself!

Some surveys are designed to be smart and remember choices that you’ve made in the survey already. If you were to put at the start of the survey that you were 24 years old and they asked you again at the end and you say your 18, they will notice and boot you out. What I do, especially with the demographic questions at the start is keep a note of what I choose. So for things like wage if I put ’15’000 to 20’000′ as my answer, I then keep a note of it in case the survey brings it up again. It’s not just for demographic questions however as some surveys like to generally repeat themselves time after time throughout their surveys. This is to not only make sure your not just picking random boxes but also to check that the survey is hitting their target audience. 

Don’t speed through

Some survey panels although not many like to put times on their surveys for them to be completed in. If a company gives out a survey with an estimated time of 25-30 minutes they expect it to be completed in that time. If a person taking the survey rushes through the survey completing it in 10 minutes, the system will almost certainly detect this and not credit you. There have been many times where I’ve completed surveys then been redirected back to the main page to be told that the survey wasn’t a good fit. I then realise that I’ve gone through the survey too quickly, it’s not that its a not a good fit but its the systems way of telling you-you speeded through.


There’s nothing worse then being disqualified from a survey especially if your half way through. Hopefully, you guys will find this information helpful and be able to use these tips to prevent you from being a disqualified from surveys.

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Have you got any tips that prevent you from being disqualified from surveys as often? Do let me know:) 

Have a great day guys!

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