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Is Survey Club Scam Or Is Legit – My Honest Review

Survey Club is a site that claims to pay members for completing surveys, in fact, they think there so good that they say you can make your first $5 in the first 7 minutes of joining. As much as I would love to believe that I hardly think so but then again you never know which is why I went ahead and took a closer look at the site. 

Your probably wondering is Survey Club a scam well no need to worry as I’ve got you covered as by the end of this review you will know whether survey club is a genuine site to make money of or not.

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So What is Survey Club?

Survey Club is basically and ancient survey site as it has been around for some years now. Survey Club is basically a panel that pays their members to complete various surveys in an exchange for rewards. This site is a bit of a weird on as you would think that being in the business for quite a few years would make them stand out but yet it is quite the opposite.

Survey Club Surveys

Now, as soon as you sign up for Survey Club you will be presented with a whole host of surveys ready to complete, which seem really good and high paying. However getting into surveys is quite an issue as the disqualification rates seem to be really high. With this site, you will find it extremely difficult to get into a survey which is quite annoying and time-consuming. That’s why I tend to stay away from these type of sites as you just get massive headaches using them.

How Do You Get Paid For Using Survey Club?

As soon as you reach $20 you can redeem a reward. This is quite a big downside as it will take you some time to reach $20 with it being so high and hard to get to. If the surveys were easier to qualify for it wouldn’t be such an issue but unfortunately, they aren’t.

While it’s not funny, with this kind of sites you will probably come back a year later to find that you only have less than $5 sitting in your account, basically most people tend to give up trying to reach the payout. Which is quite bad, you could say its a bit of a con.

Survey Club Pros:

  • Sites been running for many years

Survey Club Cons:

  • Takes time to build up points
  • Nearly impossible to qualify for a survey
  • High threshold of $20

So is Survey Club A Genuine Site For Making Extra Cash?

Don’t get me wrong Survey Club is a legit survey site and has been paying members for some years now, the thing there is just much better ways to spend your time on. First off there are much better survey sites that will pay you with little to no hassle. However, if you want to give it a go then be my guest but in my opinion, it’s just not worth it.



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If your really good at qualifying for surveys then you have a 0% of qualifying for them then you may find this site handy. Normally I would say with this kind of survey sites that you probably could get at least one payout. With this site, I can’t even guarantee that. 

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I’ve made a full review on the site showing you everything you need to know about them and how you can get started for free today

My Full Review

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What do you think of Survey Club? Let me know what you guys think

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