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Survey Bods Review – Is This UK Site Legitimate?

Hi Guys, today I’ll be bringing you a Survey Bods Review. Right now you’re probably wondering whether Survey Bods is a genuine survey site to earn money. Today I’ll be giving you all the information you need to know about the company and whether it’s worth using this survey site.

Survey Bods is a survey panel based in the UK and also exclusive only for people residing in the UK. I’ve have heard of this site a couple of times in the past but never really got the chance to sign up. Oh well, a couple days ago I got round to it and I have to admit my first impressions were quite good.

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Without Further ado let’s proceed with the review!

What is Survey Bods?

Survey Bods is a survey panel that has and currently partners up with many big companies around the world to help them with market research on different products and services. You will probably recognise some of the companies they work with, with Nickelodeon and MTV being just a few of them to name.

Who Is Available To Sign Up?

As I mentioned at the start, unfortunately, only residents of the UK are available to sign up for Survey Bods. However, for any of you outside the UK, I’ve provided you with some alternatives that you can use right here. 

However what I do like is that anyone from the UK can join, so if you’re under 16 and have your parents permission, you can go ahead and register. You must be at least 11 to join which is much lower than some of the other competing sites out there.

How Do You Sign Up To Survey Bods?

The sign-up process takes a couple of minutes in total to complete. You can either sign up using a facebook account which seems to be quite popular with survey sites these days or you can sign up using your own details. Each way takes approximately the same time.


What Payout Can You Request and When Can You Request One?

You have a choice of two payouts, the first one you can request is through an Amazon Gift Card, the other available payout that you can request is a bank transfer where they will transfer your money straight to your account.

As soon as you reach 1500 points you can request a payout whether that’s through Amazon or through money being paid to your account. It will take around 5 days for Amazon vouchers to be sent to your email for payouts through the bank it will take a couple of weeks to process.

How do you Start Making Money With Survey Bods?

As soon as you sign up for Survey Bods you will start to receive surveys from them. Before you start with the actual surveys you have the option to complete 4 profile surveys. Not only will the 4 profile surveys help you to qualify for more surveys but they will also give you 50 points for each one you complete, which is equivalent to £2.00 ( £0.50 ) for each one. 

What Surveys do they offer?

Based on what surveys I’ve been invited to there based on all types of things. Since I’ve been a member I’ve tried a handful if surveys, about 3 as they were the ones available to me at the time. The surveys were on my current vehicle, universities in the UK and fast food.

I have to admit I found them to be easy and simple to complete, normally surveys drag on and take ages but these ones only seemed to take me at max 10 minutes. The surveys pay around £1 to £4 which is not bad considering there are many sites that pay under a pound a survey. The majority of surveys I’ve been offered have been around the £1.20 to £2 region, so I’m guessing that the £4 surveys are kind of rare.


Survey Bod’s Loyalty Bonuses

SurveyBod has a loyalty program where for every certain amount of surveys you complete you unlock badges and bonuses. The more surveys you complete the more bonuses and prizes you will receive.

Badge levels consist of:

  • You achieve the Bronze Badge when you complete 2 Surveys 
  • You achieve the Silver Badge when you complete 5 Surveys 
  • You achieve the Gold Badge when you complete 10 Surveys
  • You achieve the Platinum Badge when you complete 20 Surveys
  • You achieve the Diamond Badge when you complete 30+ Surveys 

Pros Of Survey Bods:

  • Bonus points for up to 200 points (£2) just for completing the profile surveys
  • Surveys pay well and are easy to complete

Cons Of Survey Bods:

  • The minimum payout is fairly high
  • You will have to wait at best 5 days to recieve a reward

Is Survey Bods Legit?

Yes, Survey Bods is legit


Survey Bods is definitely genuine and will help you to earn some extra cash. Although this site is exclusive to UK members only, in my opinion, this site is one of the best ones when it comes down to reputation within the UK. 

However if your outside the UK there are many other alternatives to Survey Bods – Check out many other survey sites that you could start earning on today here

My Verdict


Want to try an Alternative to Surveys And Earn More of a Long Term Income?

Don’t get me wrong this site is good and will help you earn some extra cash. However using Survey Bods to acquire a full-time income will be very difficult especially as the frequency of surveys is fairly low.

Anyway, I’ve got good news as I’ve found a program that helps you to earn a full-time income. A site called Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be in 2017 and is my #1 recommendation for building a sustainable full-time income.

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Thanks for reading my Survey Bods Review! I hope you guys enjoyed it!

Have any questions or experiences on the site or even anything in general? Do let me know in the comments section below

Have a great day!



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