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Is SuperPayMe A Scam Or Is It Legit?

So many of you may be wondering whether or not is SuperPayMe a scam or not after checking them out.

Well I have checked them out for myself and hopefully this post will answer any questions you have on them.

They are a GPT site that pays their members for completing surveys and offers as well as offering other opportunities along the way.

There are many GPT sites out there, but ill go over why this ones is different to whats out there.


SuperPayMe Review Summary

What Are They?:

GPT Site

Target GEO:




 What Is SuperPayMe?

SuperPayMe HomePage

SuperPayMe is a GPT site available to anyone worldwide over the age of 18. They have been around since 2012 and have paid out over 2.9 million in rewards.

The site is apart of 99 Ventures a UK based company that also manages partnering sites in Rewarding Ways and Offernation.

If you have read my reviews for them sites or even used them you will know they are essentially the same apart from the name changes.

This was one of the first sites I joined to earn cash online and have been a member for around 4 years now, in that time they have changed their look.

There are quite a few opportunities available for you which you can get involved in right after signing up.

Lets go over how to make an account.

How Do You Get Started?

Unlike most survey sites this sites sign up process is a little more long-winded. 

Although there's no email verification like most sites, SuperPayMe asks for your mailing details to complete the registration of your account.

Despite that, and I have to admit I was a bit weary of putting in my mailing details at first but it should only take you five minutes in total.

As a reward for joining you will receive $0.20, this means you only need $0.80 to get paid.

Do make sure you are also 18 as they might ask you for your proof of ID at any time. So if you have completed some surveys and are under the age you may not be able to withdraw.

How To Earn With SuperPayMe


superpayme surveys

SuperPayMe has a whole host of surveys on their site for their members to complete.

These surveys pay from anywhere from $0.40 to $1.50, with most of the survey routers paying you the standard rate for completing a survey.

There is a list of there high paying surveys however what is for you depends on your location.

Where you sign up from and the details you use to sign up with will influence the opportunities that you get offered.

Once you have completed a survey you will be credited typically within a few minutes. For some you may have to wait up longer.

Offer Walls

Like most survey sites, SuperPayMe also has Offer walls on their site.

I always recommend offer walls especially if you've run out of surveys to take on a site because there's normally always new and updated offers to be found on theirs.

Referral Program

SuperPayMe as an awesome affiliate program where for each referral you invite to the site you get 25% of all their earnings.

This means for anyone you refer you will earn for the longevity and will get a cut of what ever they make in the future.

Earn 25 with referral program


If you competitive or just want to earn more money then you will find interest in the cash contests. SuperPayMe are offering up to $350 as a bonus for for the highest earners.

How you enter is by completing tasks on the site. The top 20 will have a cash prize credited to there account. 

1000 dollar cash contests

What Rewards Are Available?

There are a few questions to answer when it comes to the payouts. Since I have been paid out from them on many occasions I will go over what you need to know.

Does SuperPayMe Pay Out Their Members?

I can say that they do pay and have heard from many members that they've been paid out with ease. They even have a page on their site full of payment proofs.

What Payout Can You Request?

You can request payouts through PayPal, Skrill, Payza, Bitcoins and Gift Cards such as Amazon

What's the minimum payout you can claim?

The minimum payout is $1 which is quite good taking that there are many sites that require a much higher amount in order to get paid.

How long can you expect to get your reward?

The Payout system is decent and you can expect to be paid within 24 hours of requesting a payout. They even say on their website that the majority of payouts should be processed within 4 hours.

The 'Good' Stuff

1. Great Affiliate Program

There referral program is one that gives you a great rate on all people who decide to join SuperPayMe.

With there being incentives for both parties, 25% rate for you and 20 cents for them it works out well.

You are given a link on the site that you can share out to other people.

2. Plenty Of Surveys

This is a great point however this does depend on where you sign up from.

There are worldwide surveys however I did find that some were exclusive to USA and the UK. So being from the UK myself I have had a good experience with the site.

But if you are outside those two countries you will be limited to what you can do.

3. Great Payout Systems

Isn't common to come across a survey panel that prides itself on paying out.

They claim that 90 percent of all the payouts that are requested are processed in 8 hours. 

This is something I can back up having been paid within that time on every occasion since joining.

If you are using PayPal and are cashing out once a day you don't need to wait that long either.

That is because of there instant withdrawals which you can do once a day you don't have to wait.

You can also check out these other fast paying sites that also are very efficient, but to be honest it doesn't get much quicker then SuperPayMe

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

1. May Need ID

I was asked for my ID after I made my 4th payout, I was asked for proof of identification in order to get paid for that request and in order to keep using the site.

What you will need to do is make a support ticket if this happens and send the requested documents. 

Its worth noting that unless they ask you that you don't need to send anything to them.

Is SuperPayMe A Scam?

It is a good site to earn a little income here and there.

While it won't pay you a fortune but you should be able to make money if you keep checking the site and doing a couple of things every other day or so.

Back when I first joined them I was using them daily and was able to make a few dollars a day working through there surveys. ​

So by the time the end of the month I had made accumulated some extra cash.

The stand out features are the payout system and the affiliate program as if you manage to get a handful of people to join the site you could be getting some handy cash.

There is nothing not to like about SuperPayMe and I would go as far to say they are one of the best sites I have used.

Even though they were one of my first and I have checked out hundreds more since I would still go back to them.

My 'Worth It' Rating


Do you think that SuperPay is a scam? Drop a comment 🙂

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