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Is Squishy Cash Legit or a Scam? – Read This Review Before Joining!

Is Squishy Cash Legit – Can You Make Money Using This Site

Who are Squishy Cash?

Today I’ll be delving deeper into the site and will be answering the question ‘ is Squishy Cash Legit ? ‘ and whether it’s really possible to make any money using the site.

Squishy Cash is a Well Known Survey site that has been paying their members since 2007.

When you first click on the site you will be greeted by quite an overwhelming home page packed full of stuff promoting the survey site. Such as several payment proofs, payment methods and many stats showing how much they have paid out over the years.

Squishy cash offers you many ways to make money such as the usual offers and surveys and much more.

Is Squishy Cash Legit?

Yes, Its is legit and has paid over $300’000 to their members.

How Do You Sign Up?

The Sign Up process is fairly long winded when you compare it to other survey sites. Not only do they ask you for your email address and your name as well as choosing a username, they also tell you to give them your Mailing details.

While it is Optional to enter your mailing details. They do say that you will have to enter to them to prove your identity when requesting rewards, which is a bit of a pain!

What Payouts can you request at SquishyCash?

You can request all kinds of payouts including PayPal, Amazon, Target Gift Cards and much more

What’s the Minimum payout you can claim?

For most of the rewards, the minimum payout is $5

How Long Can You expect to wait before receiving your reward from Squishy Cash?

Squishy Cash Guarantee you that when you request a reward that you will receive it by 11:59 PST the next day

How Does Squishy Cash Work?

Squishy Cash will pay you in either chips or cash for completing tasks on the site. Before you complete a task on the site to the right of it will show you how many Chips/Cash the task is worth. I Much Prefer having one currency on survey sites as it is much less confusing. The conversion goes like this – 100 chips is worth a $1. However, you can convert from one currency to another which makes it much easier.

One thing I noticed while using this site is that if your not completing tasks then you will struggle to make money from the other ways such as Surveys. Surveys most notably are quite disappointing on this site as most of the surveys they have on the site pay quite low. When you compare this to other sites you will see in order to make money with surveys you will need to spend

Tasks, on the other hand, are the most efficient way to make money on the site as they pay very well and offer you around $5 per Task.

While Tasks do pay well I’m sure they will put off many people like they did me as for most of them they require a credit card to complete the task.

Making Money on Squishy Cash with surveys

When you compare this to other sites you will see in order to make money with surveys you will need to spend a lot of time. In some cases, this is much more time than you would spend doing surveys on other legitimate survey sites. I found most of the surveys to be around the $0.50 range which isn’t great when you consider that most surveys take around 5 – 30 minutes to complete.

Another thing I picked up on was the fact that there is a wait to get credited for surveys. While on other survey sites like the likes of PrizeRebel and Swagbucks that credit your account automatically Squishy Cash don’t credit you until someone as checked the completion of the survey.

I decided to take a quick survey the other day and it took around 15 minutes to credit. While it’s not the worst thing it can be a bit of a nuisance.

Squishy Cash Pros:

  • Quick Payouts
  • Tasks Pay Very Well
  • Payout Is Low when you compare it to the likes of Ipsos and Toluna

Squishy Cash Cons

  • Will take you a lot of time to build up cash/tokens on the site
  • Surveys don’t pay as well as they should


Squishy Cash is a Legit site to make money, but in order to make any type of money on this site, it will mean you will have to invest a lot of time into the site. Personally, there are just better sites out there and while it’s not a scam it’s not very time efficient.

Taking they’ve been around for nearly 10 years which is fair play to them but for me to even consider this site in the future they will need to improve the site in many areas.



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What are your experiences with SquishyCash? Were you able to earn much using them? 

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