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Is Springboard America Scam Or Infact Legit? My Review

Todays review that ive got for you guys is on a site called Springboard America. If your here to find out whether Springboard is scam or legit then your in the right place.

Springboard America is an american based survey panel, that like any other survey site pays there members for giving insights and opinions, on a range of different things.

After I went ahead and reviewed Springboard I found both pros and also cons to the site that Ill go over as we go through this review.



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What is Springboard America?

Springboard America is an American survey that first came onto the survey scene in 2009.

Being one of the biggest survey panels in the US there aim is to help companies get opinions on services and different products. In return Springboard America will pay you for them.

Before I came across the site a month a go, I was yet to hear of the panel. But after further reading I found that they paid over $100,000 dollars last august to US residents.

However when you compare that to another huge survey panel called Swagbucks. Who pay an average of $1,200,000 a month theres defniety a big difference in pay out.



How Do You Sign Up?

To sign up its fairly straightforward in that you go through the standard details such as your email address and full name. 

After that they will ask you a couple of questions about yourself. These will be on a scale of one to ten.


How Do You Start Making Money With Springboard America?

There are only two ways you can start making money with Springboard. The first one of course being through surveys and the second one through taking part in focus groups.

The surveys are definenty one of the highlights of this site as there generally high paying. The payouts for surveys range from $0.50 to $1.

While this may seem ordinary they do however pay well for shorter surveys. So a survey that may take you 2/3 minutes to complete could pay a $1 and so on.


What Payouts Can You Get And When Can You Get Them?



Once you have got $50 in your account you can then withdraw it via three methods.

These consist of a bank transfer via Paylution, Visa prepaid card and Amazon gift card


Springboard America Panel Pros and Cons


Springboard America Pros:

  • Surveys pay generally well


Springboard America Cons:

  • Exclusive to US residents
  • $50 minimum withdrawal is to high




Springboard America is sure not a scam but its definitely not the best way to make some quick cash. With a high threshold of $50 means that you will need to take lots of surveys over months just to get that first payout

Personally I just don’t think it’s worth it as there’s many better sites out there that will pay you more efficiently. The likes of Swagbucks is an example of a site where you could earn $5 in a day, not over 2 months.

However, there are still survey sites I more than recommend. Check out this list to see some of the best ones I use to make up a passive income.


My Verdict



Is Springboard Scam Or Legitimate?

It is legit, but will take you months before you see any money

Not Interested In Completing Surveys And Want A Longer Term Income?

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What do you think of Springboard America? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear!

Have a great day!


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