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Why You Should Sign Up For More Than One Survey Site

Why You Should Sign Up For More Than One Survey Site

One of the most effective ways to make money using survey sites is to sign up to multiple ones. Taking Surveys and completing various tasks on survey sites is a great way to make money fast over a short period. While you may not be able to make a full-time income using survey sites, you will be able to get a good amount of cash straight to your hand and fast.

One of the best tips I would advise to anyone wanting to make money through survey sites is signing up for some sites. Survey sites can be a pain in the backside as some days you will get a lot of surveys and offers and the other days you might not.

So if you were to make a plan for yourself to make a certain amount using just one good survey site you may struggle. The main reason normally is that a survey site may not offer you enough opportunities to reach an amount money you want to reach.

The best way to maximise your income is by signing up for more than one survey site as this guarantees you more money. You can effectively use this tip just by checking into a handful of survey sites each day.

By completing surveys on just a couple of decent paying survey sites can improve your earnings in the long run. Today I’ll be showing you a method on how to make a passive income through taking surveys and completing various stuff on multiple sites.

It’s definitely possible to make more than that amount each month but today I wanted to show you specifically a method that would be achievable for anyone to make an easy amount each month.

Whether you’re a regular survey taker or have never touched a survey site before.  I’ll be showing you guys the sites that i use and how you can earn a certain amount on each site every day.


One of my first stops is the highly popular Swagbucks. Swagbucks is known for having so many ways for members to make money using the site. I normally tend to take advantage of the survey and video section that they have on the site. I don’t normally watch videos on survey sites as I regard them ways as being not a good use of your time but on swagbucks, it is possible to make a good amount by doing so.

SwagbucksThe Minimal Withdrawal is 25 dollars for Paypal which is the primary cashout option I use, although there are other payouts you can request.

Because the minimum withdrawal is quite high for Paypal, i don’t try and aim to cash out each day. Instead, it’s best to set a goal and try and aim for a certain amount each day.

A reasonable target I would suggest for Swagbucks is $5 a dollars a day as there’s more than enough surveys and offers to help you reach that each day. Although you won’t be able to cash out every day using Swagbucks, you will still be effectively making $5 a day, and you will be able to cash out within five days.

Here I have made a full review for you guys to check out on Swagbucks – The Swagbucks Review



PrizeRebel is my favourite survey site that I am currently using right now. One of the main reasons why I love this site so much is because they pay Prizerebelyou out within an hour of requesting.

Like Swagbucks setting a target of around $5 a day using PrizeRebel is reasonable. On PrizeRebel theirs quite a few surveys available to you daily.

I complete a couple of yoursurveys, toluna and saysoforgood surveys which seem to do the job for me. It will take roughly six surveys to reach the minimal payout. Alternatively, you can also check the offer walls as theres some points there up for taking

Here I have made a full review for you guys to check out on PrizeRebel – My PrizeRebel Review

Opinion Outpost

Again like PrizeRebel, Opinion Outpost as quick reward times, Although not as quick as PrizeRebel you will still receive your reward in 24 hours.

Opinion OutpostI Like Opinion Outpost because the site is so simple to work and it’s easy to earn money every day. The minimum withdrawal is only £2.50 as well so its relatively easy to reach that amount each day. It will take around 3/4/5 surveys to reach the payout.

Here I have made a full review for you guys to check out on Opinion Outpost – My Opinion Outpost Review


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