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Seven Dollar Click Review – An Easy Way To Make $7K+ A Month?

Seven Dollar Click Review

When I go to review programs online I like to go in with a open mind.

The one thing that drew me towards Seven Dollars Click is the quite insane $7 a click. I was thinking surely its not that easy to make money.

You will probably not be suprised to hear that there is a lot more to this company then originally meets the eye. 

So make sure to hear me out and read till the end of this Seven Dollar Click review to find out just what they are about.

Now quickly before I get started...

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Seven Dollars Click Review Summary


What Are They?: Pay To Click (PTC)

Verdict: Scam!

My Worth It Rating: 1/5

Seven Dollar Click Main Page

What Is Seven Dollar Click?

Seven Dollar Click is a pay to click site that pays you to click on ads. It's really that simple and to boost for each one you will get $7.

Now before I get any further and so you have an idea of where this review is going, most legitimate companys would only pay you a maximum of $0.01 a click, so these are unheard off rates that this company as on offer.

I did try 

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How Do You Start Making Money?

As soon as you make an account you can then start clicking on ads and get money credited to your account.

You will know how much an ad is worth and what it is before you click on it. It seems like most ads do pay $7 some pay $14. However this all pretty much bs has the company is a scam and don't pay. 

When you click on a ad you will need to stay on it for 14 seconds and then do a quick verification, which in this case is choosing the correct number out of 4 numbers. e.g if 4375 pops up you will be asked to click on the number 7.

It all seems so simple as when I went to check my account the money was there and as I checked out two ads I had a balance of $14 each I had $28.

Its just a shame that I won't see that money, not that I had to work very hard for it.

Seven Dollar Click Complaints

There are a number of things that I picked up on while using site. These are very suspicious aspects that add to the evidence that Seven Dollar is a scam.

1. Have to buy a membership to get paid

Another con I can't work out why do you need to buy memberships just to get paid. This doesn't make sense and with sites like these where you are making extra cash, spending up to $299 on a membership shouldn't be compulsory.

You will find with legit paying sites that you don't have to buy a membership. That is why they are still legit and sites like this one aren't.

Even if they were legit, I wouldn't make sense for you to buy a membership of a few $100 dollars for a $7000 payout. That is because they have no intention of paying you, they just want your hard earned money.

2. Repeatedly Mentioning the following ' long as you have not breached the terms and conditions'

Whilst checking out the FAQ's I found the above phrase mentioned a lot.

Most FAQ's I've taken a look at on other reward sites for questions such as 'how long does a reward take to process' the normal response is the amount of time. However it is repeated a lot about how you may not be paid if you breach the terms. 

For me this looks quite suspect and shows they aren't legit.

3. Takes Up To 75 Days For You To Get Paid?

This is something I don't get and still don't, why such a long time just to get paid?

For most sites you will likely get paid within 30 days max more commonly 7 days, not 75 days. That's crazy.

The Seven Dollar Click Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

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    As no good aspects too the site

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Minimum threshold is way too high at $7000
  • close
    Not a legitimate company that pays out

Is Seven Dollar Click a Scam?

I think its more than safe to say that Seven Dollar Click is a scam and a site to not be trusted. 

There is no evidence of paying members and with the things I mentioned in this review there just not worth even giving a go.

When I know that there are existing sites out there that do pay out for instance Clixsense pay you to click on ads however they did stop recently.

Even then they paid a fraction of a cent and actually have a history of paying out so none of this $7 rubbish, its fake.

Now for you to click on this review I am guessing you at least have a slight interest in making money and while I don't recommend this one I reviewed I have found these 5 high paying reward sites to be the best ones in 2018. 

They don't offer an opportunity for you to get paid to click on ads but instead offer other opportunities such as completing surveys, watching videos, offers, etc all in return for free rewards.

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My 'Worth It' Rating

What do you think to Seven Dollar Click?

Let me know your views by dropping a comment below 🙂

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