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Scottrade – What Are They About? – My Review

As well as surveys sites which are is the main type of sites I review on this site I do also like to look and review other services out there that offer opportunities to make money. Survey sites are up there with one of my favourite ways to make money online but there are other things to surveys you can do to raise some extra cash. Scottrade, Log in today where you can manage your investments and make money by simply placing sums of your money in the stock market.

In today’s review I’ll be looking at a online stock broker called Scottrade which is supposedly one of the most well known and safest stock brokers out there. What Scottrade is is a site for newbies looking to get into investing in the stock market. So if this is something that takes your interest this could be something for you.

However in this review I’ll be taking a closer look at the stock market to see just whether they are worth your time and effort and If this is a good opportunity to make money online.

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What is Scottrade?


Scottrade is a stock broker online which allows and helps people make investments with there money. The whole purpose of scottrade is to allow people to invest in there money with the aim of watching it grow over time.

While this way of money may not be a short term opportunity of making money it is though a income source more for long term. So if you have some money stored away this could be a good idea as you can watch your money increase many years down the line using the services Scottrade has to offer.

How Do You Start Investing With Scottrade?

There are ways you can start investing with Scottrade, to name some you can start with consist of trading different currencys, penny stocks and a few other. 

These are all stock markets you can start trading and investing with, as well the trading side there are features available that will help you analyse data and monitor different markets. What ever your looking for Scottrade as a number of investment opportunities.

However if your new to Scottrade you won’t need to worry about the cost just yet as you will receive 700 free trades with no additional fees. 


Scottrade Pros and Cons


Scottrade Pros:

  • Offers a solid way to invest and make money in the long term
  • Customer service are helpful and easy to get hold of
  • As a good reputation


Scottrade Cons:

  • Can get complicated especially if your new
  • Most services are at a generally higher price compared to other stock brokers




If investing is something that you may want to get into then Scottrade offer services that will help you do that. Compared to other stock brokers Scottrade is generally a solid place to start investing with stable fees and a well known reputation in the online world of stocks and investing. However with that said Scottrade isn’t really my cup of tea but I can see why many people are getting into this kind of route for making money. 



My Verdict



Is Scottrade legit?

Scottrade is legit and has a good reputation, so if after reading this blog you believe thus is a good route for you then feel free to check it out.

Don’t believe stock markets are for you?

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What are your thoughts on Scottrade? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below

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