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Is Scarborough Research Legitimate? My Review

If your familiar with a company called Nielsen you may or not be familiar of the site called Scarborough Research. Anyway if you haven’t don’t worry as I’ll be reviewing the site to find out just whether they are a genuine opportunity to make money online. 

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What is Scarborough Surveys?

Scarborough Surveys who are owned by a well known market research company called ‘Nielsen’ are a project that was launched in the attempt to bring a huge variety of surveys to US residents in exchange for rewards through cheque. The aim of the project is to collect as many opinions and insights each year from surveys to help improve businesses, products and organisations. 

From first impressions you can see that Neilsen treat this project with great importance as they really believe that a whole range of things can be improved just by handing out surveys to regular people.

How Do You Sign Up?

Unfortunately this panel is currently on Invite only so you will need to be invited in order to participate in there surveys. What is good is that they do send out invites randomly through phone and through the post.

How Do You Start Making Money With Scarborough Surveys?


The surveys you get offered as a member are fairly high paying ranging from $1 to $10 a survey. The are a number of opportunitys where you can earn money which consist of taking telephone surveys, online surveys and paper surveys. Another way that a lot of the members are making money with this panel is through product testing. This is an interesting way to make money considering that most survey sites operate mainly online, this brings something different to the table. 

From most of the reviews it seems as if the majority of the members are having good success with the site and with the opportunitys on offer. The surveys for the most part of simple to complete and take just around 5 to 10 minutes, offering a quick way to make money.

One thing to note though is that this panel helps you earn some extra dollars a month but nothing more, as while they do send out surveys they don’t give them out in huge quantities. 


What Payouts Can You Get And When Can You Get Them?


The good thing about the payout is there’s no minimum threshold so as soon as you complete a survey or activity a cheque is sent straight to your address. I definitely like this approach however unlike being paid out through PayPal this payout is slower and can take up to a couple of weeks to arrive.


Scarborough Surveys Pros and Cons


Scarborough Surveys Pros:

  • Offers a number opportunitys to make money
  • Pays well for each survey


Scarborough Surveys Cons:

  • Won’t replace a full-time job




Scarborough Surveys offers a good way to make some extra cash but that is probably as far as it goes.

Unfortunately with Scarborough Surveys while they are legit there are better survey sites out there that will help you earn more money.

Despite that if your a US resident and you have been invited it could be worth trying them out to see just how much you can earn.



My Verdict




Is Scarborough Research legit?

This organisation is legit and many people are being paid using the site

Dont Want To Waste Your Time With Surveys?

Scarborough Research will help you earn a couple extra dollars a month at most, nothing thar will be sustainable or compare to a full time income. That is why I recommend creating your own business as it can add an extra income supply to your household.


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