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Is Saysoforgood Safe? My Honest Review

I’m a big fan of taking surveys, in fact, I take surveys every day without fail. However, not all surveys are the same with some surveys being easier, harder, quicker, longer than others. Now the survey router ill be reviewing today is a bit of a strange one as I can’t recall the last time I completed a Saysoforgood survey, I think it was about 2 months ago!

Now I’ll explain the reasons why has we go through this review, I’ll be telling you today whether this router is any good and most importantly whether is Saysoforgood safe to use.


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What is Saysoforgood?

Saysoforgood is a non-profit organisation which primarily aim is to donate to various charities around the world. Saysoforgood bring in surveys from third party companies to help them gather up opinions on all sorts of products and services.

Despite the fact I’m not a big fan of this router I have to admit my eyes lit up when I saw that they donate the same amount of money that you get rewarded for surveys.

Like most routers and surveys for that matter, you will need to complete some profile questions, this is to match you with relevant surveys. However, the bit that’s quite annoying with Saysoforgood is that they will repeat the profile questions such as age for each survey you try to qualify for.

What Surveys Do They Offer

They offer a number of surveys from Technology to Food, they have all kinds of surveys. Before you get into the survey you will have a brief idea on what the surveys about as there will be an image next to the survey showing you the category.


How Long Do The Surveys Generally Take?

Surveys typically take 20 – 30 minutes to complete which is much more than most survey routers. You will get the occasional ones that are less than 20 minutes but there not as sought of. What i did notice when i was trying to complete the surveys was that the majority of them would tend to drag on, but then again that can be the case with some surveys.

How Much Can You Get Paid?

You can expect to receive anywhere from $1 to $4 for completing a survey, the estimated duration of the survey is a big factor in how much you will be rewarded. For the ones that take 15 to 20 minutes you can expect to get around $1 to $2 and for the ones that take longer than that can range from $3 to $4.


Pros Of Using Saysoforgood

  • Pay well when you qualify for a survey

Cons Of Using Saysoforgood

  • Very Low Qualification Rates
  • Surveys take time to complete (20min <)

Is Saysoforgood Safe or Is it Really Not Worth It?

In my opinion, Saysoforgood isn’t really worth it as getting into surveys is quite difficult and even if you qualify you almost nearly get disqualified at some point in the survey. When I go on GPT and Survey sites I tend not to bother with these ones though occasionally I will try as they do pay more than some of the other routers out there.

My Verdict


My Alternative To Surveys

I think it’s safe to say with this Survey router you will struggle to make any money, you would probably be lucky to come out with a couple of dollars. 

Do you want to know what I recommend? Well, I recommend Affiliate Marketing as you will be able to earn more money in the longer term and build more of a Full-time income. An income you will struggle to reach with survey sites.

Ive wrote a full review on this program for you guys so feel free to have a look and the best part is its Free!

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