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Rewarding Ways Review – Is it a Scam or a Legitimate GPT Site

When I first found online that you can make money by completing surveys, Rewarding ways was then one of the first sites I stumbled across. Along with a couple of others such as Swagbucks.

I first signed up for the site a couple of years ago, and as I remember my first impressions of the site weren’t great. However, over the years, I have used it from time to time.

Now, is this site a scam or it is safe, in this rewarding ways review will be answering that question. There are good aspects to this site but there also some issues which will go over as well in this review



What Is Rewarding Ways?

Rewarding Ways is a site that first started up in 2011 and is the sister sites to Superpayme and Offernation. Since they’ve started they have claimed to pay over 250000 members and over £520,000.

Is It Free To Sign Up?

It is free to sign up for Rewarding Ways, although similar to Superpayme you do also have to enter other details such as mailing information. The reason they ask for this is to confirm which country you reside in so that they can match you with the right offers. 

What Payouts Can You request?

Payouts that can be requested consist of Paypal, Payza, Skrill, and Bitcoin. These can be withdrawn at $1 with the exception of Payza and Skrill which is $10. The times are generally good when it comes to withdrawing money as i haven’t 


What Ways Can You Earn Money Using Rewarding Ways?



This is probably the most common way on the site to make money, as they frequently update the surveys daily. For countries such as the US you will find this site great as the survey opportunity’s are much better then countries like the UK but it so often the case with survey sites these days.

If I was to pick out the issue with these surveys is that qualifying for the surveys at times can be quite difficult and frustrating. I have found that trying the same survey routers on this site and some others is that I’ve had more success with the same surveys on sites such as Prize rebel which is odd.

You will also notice with this site that the likely hood of completing a single survey at the weekend is close to impossible. So if you want to complete surveys on this site its best to attempt them when there weekly updated on a Monday/Tuesday.

Offer Walls

The other way to make money using Rewarding Ways is by completing offers wall. Offer walls are pretty much mandatory when it comes to survey and GPT sites as there found on these a lot and can be a great source of income. Rewarding ways has 12 offer walls on their site which consist of popular ones such as the likes of offer wall, Trial Pay and Peanut labs


Referrals is one of the features that rewarding ways offers which could be worth looking more into. While most survey sites give you a percentage of around 20-30 percent of referrals earnings, Rewarding Ways give you 25% which is rather good. This means if your referral earns $10 you will earn $2.5 

Rewarding Ways Pros and Cons


Rewarding Ways Pros:

  • Fast Payouts (Generally within 4 hours)
  • Low minimum threshold


Rewarding Ways Cons:

  • Random account checks for proof of ID
  • Hard to qualify for surveys at times



Rewarding ways is fairly good site if you after a little stream of cash through completing surveys. While you wont make a fortune with this site making $10 a week is more then achieveable with the amount of ways you can make money

 My Verdict


Feel Free To Try Out Rewarding Ways

You will also receive $0.20 just for signing up through the banner below


My Alternative To Surveys

While I have used Rewarding ways on many occasions, it isn’t my go to site when it comes to earning a little extra income. I prefer Swagbucks and Prizerebel over this site as they offer better opportunity’s in the long run at earning money. With that said I still see some potential in there referral system that could offer a passive income

When it comes to making a lot money in the long run I wouldn’t look any further then the idea of creating your own business. Not only is this the best way to make money going forward its also a safe and legitimate opportunity.

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Have you checked out Rewarding Ways before? What are your thoughts on them?

Let me know in the comments section below:)

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