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Reward TV Review – Get Paid To Watch TV

If you’ve ever completed an offer of an offer wall on a survey site then you’ve probably at some point either come across or heard of Reward TV. If you like to watch a lot of Tv then this site may just be for you as they will pay you for answering questions on programs. Now today I’ll be reviewing the site in this Reward Tv Review to see if they are actually a legitimate and genuine site to earn rewards.

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What is Reward TV?

Reward TV is a company based in the US that rewards members for watching tv. Unlike sites that actually pay you for your time in watching tele, this site will ask you questions on your favourite shows in exchange for points.

So How Does The Site Work?

So let’s say you watched the Simpsons a couple of days ago, Reward TV will then ask you questions on what happened on the show and will reward you if you get the answers correct.

How To Start Earning Money?

Unfortunately, you won’t be earning money as sought. Instead, you will be earning points that can then be entered into sweepstakes and auctions. I think this is a real let down as the quizzes are fun and easy to complete.

For every survey, there’s generally around 15 questions which mean you can earn up to 1500 points, 100 for each one. Some surveys can be as small as 8/9 questions and some can go up to 17/18 questions.

Some surveys can be as small as 8/9 questions and some can go up to 17/18 questions.


Unfortunately, this feature really sucks as it’s almost impossible to get rewards through this way.

Every couple of days Reward Tv will put up gift cards up for auction where members can then bid as many points as they wish in order to win them.

So with this, you could end up overspending in an attempt to win a prize, so a months worth of points could go in an unsuccessful bid for $5 Amazon Gift Card.


For every time you attempt a survey you will get one an entry into the sweepstakes. I can only imagine that the chances of you winning this are very small if everyone gets entered as there are a lot of surveys completed each day.

Oh did I forget to mention the sweepstake prize is 10’000 USD.

Referral Program

For every person, you refer to the site you will get 2500 points, however unlike other sites where you can refer as many people as you want you can only refer a maximum of 20 people.

Pros Of Reward TV:

  • Surveys are easy to complete

Cons Of Reward TV:

  • Not guaranteed any gift cards or merchandise
  • Have to bid against other members to get Gift-Cards

Is Reward TV A Legit Or Scam Site

Reward TV is legit but I really don’t recommend it has it isn’t worth your time. Plus I doubt you would ever earn a cent with the site with the way the auctions and sweepstakes are set up.

However, there are many other better survey sites out there that you can try out that will genuinely pay and also offer more opportunities to make extra cash – check out this list here

My Verdict


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Reward TV is definitely not worth the effort of using purely for the fact that there’s no guarantee that you will actually be able to get any rewards. However, If you do still want to earn money then my #1 recommendation will definitely help you out

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My Full Review

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