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Reckner Opinions Review – Are They Legit Or A Scam

Today I have a review of a opinion research company called Reckner Opinions that pays out there users for giving there opinions on a whole range of different services and products through surveys. As well as surveys Reckner Opinions also works as a reward site as there are many other opportunities aside surveys to earn some extra cash.

Now your probably wondering as to the title is this site a legitimate source of income of is in fact a site to avoid. In this Reckner Opinions review I’ll be going over the site as well the pros and cons to it. So if your here to find out just what Reckner is about then your in the right place

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What is Reckner Opinions?


Reckner Opinions which for short is ‘Reckner’ is a company that has been in amongst the market research sector for over 25 plus years. Company’s that have been around for so long like Reckner are normally fairly well established which is the case with this one, as Reckner is popular with there users.

Being a market research company they aim at connecting companies with you the public to collect opinions and voices on a range of different services and products. The reason why companies pay for this kind of information is because it can be used to really enhance and improve current and upcoming services.

What’s interesting and different to other panels out there at the moment is that inside Reckner you can choose which panel you want to join. This is because Reckner have 3 panels for there users to choose from which consist of Conumer Panel, Healthcare Professionals Panel and the PAH Professionals Panel. This is something that a similar survey site called cashcrate do however for them they offer different sites for regions.

How Do You Sign Up?

Signing up for Reckner is free and the registration is as reward sites go fairly straightforward, by saying that I mean it will take you 5 minutes maximum but you will need your email at hand to complete the registration. As soon as you have registered an account you will start rrecievibg 

It’s worth noting that not everyone will be eligible for each of the panels as each have different requirements. For the consumer panel there are no requirements and is open to everyone who makes an account. For the Healthcare professionals panel you will need to be currently working in the Healthcare industry to be eligible and for the PAH Professionals Panel you must be a healthcare provider to be able to join. 

How Do You Start Making Money With Reckner Opinions?

Once you have registered and chosen the panel you would like to participate in you will be able to start earning money. Now while each panel is looking for different opinions they do share the same opportunities. These consist of the main ways being surveys, focus groups and product testing.


What Payouts Can You Get And When Can You Get Them?

The main pay out source and the way that Reckner will pay you is through cheque however there are other ways to get paid. The other notable payout method is through donating what you have earn’t from surveys to charity, which is great to see.


Reckner Opinions Pros and Cons


Reckner Opinions Pros:

  • As different panels to choose from
  • Established company for over 25 years
  • Is legitimate
  • Surveys pay out well


Reckner Opinions Cons:

  • Some members have mentioned they have had a lack of surveys
  • Only available for US residents




Overally Reckner Opinions looks like a good way to make money online especially if a little extra cash is what your looking for. Obviously unless you receive dozens of invites to surveys you won’t be earning a lot of money but it will still being a small second income in. 



My Verdict



Is Reckner Opinions legit?

Reckner Opinions is legitimate and has been paying out for years. From looking at the reviews it seems as though a lot of users are having success using the site and earning extra cash.

Dont Want To Waste Your Time With Surveys?

While Reckner Opinions might help you earn some extra cash it sure won’t replace a full time income which is why I recommend a program that is suited to all people that gives you the opportunity to do just that. If you have ever thought about starting your own blog or website then the program I use might just be for you.

Instead of Reckner Opinions I would rather opt for something that would be more worth your time and help you earn more of a sustainable income each month.

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What are your thoughts on Reckner Opinions? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below

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