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3 Survey Sites That Support Fast Payouts

3 Fantastic Quick Paid Surveys Sites

When you go to sign up for any survey site on the internet you want to what the best quick paid surveys site out there are which fast payouts. The first things you want to know are what payouts are available and how quickly can you be paid out using the site.

The latter of the two questions we ask ourselves is probably the main one of the two, as most of us here agree that while these survey sites do pay out and can pay out a lot when you put time and effort into it, we want to be able to receive our money quick and not have to wait weeks to see a payout appear in our account

In this post, I’ll be bringing you 3 survey sites that have a fast payout service.


QuickRewards is probably my favourite of the list as you are able to cash out at as little as a penny/cent and receive your reward within 24hrs. Out of all the survey sites that I have used this one has had the lowest minimum cashout and also pays me quickly. Although on the website it does say that rewards will take from 24hrs to 72hrs to arrive I have never had a payment later than 24hrs.

If you would like to find out more about QuickRewards, be sure to check out my review for them here.

QuickRewards review

Keep Rewarding

Keep Rewarding has a fast payout service of only 1-3 days. I use this site quite a lot to get paid via PayPal, and those payments have never come later than three days.

The reason why I use Keep Rewarding on a daily basis is that of there 26 offer walls they have to offer on the site. The site is great as there is always new and updated offers available to you throughout the day, which makes it easy to rack up a good amount of points over a short time span. I am normally able to make at least $5 a day just by going through each of the offer walls and browsing to see what new things they have to offer.

If you would like to find out more about Keep Rewarding, be sure to check out my review for them here.

Keep Rewarding Review


Prize Rebel is a site I’ve just come across within the last week or so. I have only made one payout so far, and that was $5 Paypal. I have heard nothing but positive reviews for this site especially their fast payouts. When I went to request a payment, I received it within 1 hours which is one of the quickest payments I’ve received from a survey site to this day. Prize Rebel also make it easier for you to reach the minimum cashout as well by paying you more for surveys. One of my favourite survey routers and one I use quite a bit on study sites is called ‘Your surveys’ which pay you $$0.85 to $4.00 on Prize Rebel compared to the regular $0.75 I get paid for doing them on other survey sites.

If you would like to find out more about PrizeRebel, be sure to check out my review for them here.

PrizeRebel Review

Sign up links:

QuickRewards Sign up

PrizeRebel Sign up

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These were my three favourite sites that offer quick paid surveys services for their members.

Got any good survey sites? Let me know about them in the comment section below:)

Cya Later Folks, Josh:)


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