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Point Club Review – Legit Site Or A ‘Point’less Scam?

Point Club Review – Is This A legitimate Site To Make Money

Point Club is a survey panel that pays their members to complete surveys and play games. Has the site is currently in a beta mode the features on the site are fairly limited but they have said that they will be bringing a full version of the site out in due time. I have heard a lot about this site already with fairly mixed reviews. Today I’ll be bringing you guys a Point Club Review and will be showing you all you need to know about the site.

Does Point Club Pay its Members?

I can’t say that they do pay their members for sure as I am 1/3 of the way there towards the payment after completing a couple of surveys after I joined. I have seen many reviews on Points Club, some of which were on Survey Police where many members have come close to a payout and then haven’t received any surveys. This doesn’t sound promising has it seems as if getting a payout on the site isn’t so straightforward and gives me the feeling that this site as a shady feel to it.

How can you sign up for Point Club?

The sign-up process is fairly simple as you can be signed up with either Facebook or Google in just a couple of clicks. They also give you free points up to 5000 points by joining by completing profile surveys, verifying your email address and connecting to Facebook and google.

What payouts can you request?

You can request a payout through Paypal and many gift cards such as amazon

What’s the minimum payout?

The minimum payout for Paypal is $25

How Does Point Club Work?

Point Club will pay you points for each survey you successfully complete. They use a currency of points instead of cash, the points converts at every 1000 points equals $1.

How much do you get paid for surveys?

From my experience, I have completed a couple of surveys which have all paid fairly well. I have been offered surveys ranging from 800 points to 3000 points.

How Long Is Each Survey?

Each survey ranges between 5 – 30 minutes. Before you click on a survey each one states how much you will get paid for the survey as well as how much time is required to complete the survey

How Many Surveys Do They Offer?

They tend to flood you with many survey opportunities at the start when you’ve just become a member on the site. Although many people have reported that as you get closer to the payout they don’t send you as many surveys as you were getting before.

What are the qualification rates for surveys?

The qualification rates for the surveys are good as they only offer surveys to members based on your profile. So unless you mess up in the survey with silly answers then you should be able to see every survey out.

Point Club Pros:

  • Many Surveys offered to new members
  • Pay well for surveys

Point Club Cons:

  • High Minimum Payout
  • Can be hard to get points as you get closer to the minimum 


Point Club offers many opportunities when it comes to providing surveys towards their members. However, i do find it shady that when you come close to a payout Point Club doesn’t offer you as many surveys. 



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