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PocketMoneyGPT Review – Is Pocket Money GPT Legit Or A Scam?

PocketMoneyGPT Review

Today I'll be checking out a rewards site called PocketMoneyGPT. For some quick info on them they are simply a site that pay you to complete activities such as surveys, completing offers and doing other things.

I did review a site called PiggybankGPT which has an almost identical name recently however I labeded them a scam.

In this PocketMoneyGPT review I'll be taking you through just what they are about and advising you on whether they are a good use of your time.

From my experience while some people like to beg differ I have always found reward sites to be a good source of income. You won't make tons of money but you can make money that can help you with paying things such as bills.

Today we will find out just whether PocketMoneyGPT is legit as not every company out there offer genunine opportunitys to make money. Its good your here as here I'll be answering that exact question.

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PocketMoneyGPT Review Summary


What Are They?: Get Paid To Site

Verdict: Legit

My Worth It Rating: 3/5

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What Is PocketMoneyGPT?

As I briefly went over PocketMoneyGPT is a site that offers opportunities for you to make money online. Alot like the name suggests with GPT meaning 'Get Paid To'.

I went into this review with low expectations after trying out similar named sites that turned out to be garbage and not paying. Luckily with this site I was surprised to find that they are genuine and have a history of paying their members out.

They do have a number of ways you can earn which I will go over in a second, which is always a positive. To add to that they do also have a low minimum threshold which is a change from all the existing reward sites that require you to make $20 to $30 before paying you out, this one however only requires $1.

​How Do You Start Making Money?

Filling Out Surveys - This way is probably the most familiar way to make money with reward sites. With these you can make money by giving your opinion on products and services in their third party surveys.

This means you will be completing surveys from other companies, not directly from PocketMoneyGPT.

Generally you can expect to get paid between $0.10 to $2.50 a survey. You will also find surveys in the offer walls that can occasionally pay more.

Completing Offers - You will find a host of offer walls, these are found on most GPT sites. Here you can complete various tasks and get paid for them, these consist of completing more surveys, doing sign ups, downloading apps, purchasing trials and many more.

The amount you can get paid for completing these does vary from offer to offer and what the task requires you to do. For example and offer that pays you to purchase a subscription will pay a lot more then for you to search up hotels on a sponsored website. 

PTC - This stands for Pay to click which basically as it implies you can get paid for clicking on things.

As you have probably guessed this is low paying as the difficulty and time to do this type of task is small. 

However you can make an extra couple of dollars a day if you spend enough time. In my opinion you would be better off putting your time to better use, as its just not worth it as you will be getting only 0.005 per click. 

So you can see how much time you would need to invest in order to earn anything considered decent.

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​What Rewards Can You Redeem?

You can request a payment at as liitle as $1 which is alot lower then you will find with other reward sites. It is very similar to sites like SuperPayMe and RewardingWays.

Whats good about this is that you can in a lot of cases get paid after completing just one survey. That's as long as its over $1.

There are two options aviable to you being PayPal and Amazon.

They do claim to pay every day, so expect quick payouts, but give up to a day from redemption to receive your payout.

The PocketMoneyGPT Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    Pays out fast via PayPal
  • check
    A low and achievable minimum threshold
  • check
    Is legitimate and as a history of paying out

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    As a optional paid membership if you want higher rates on referrals 

Is PocketMoneyGPT Legit?

PocketMoneyGPT is legit and won't scam you. They are a genunie site that will pay you to complete things like surveys and offers. With the payouts being so low it also makes getting paid out even easier, opposed to high thresholds I have found with other sites.

If you looking to make some extra cash feel free to check out PocketMoneyGPT here. It's possible to make some extra cash each month but just make sure to keep in mind that that is all it is.

Also if you want to diversify your income then why not check out these other reward sites that I've found to be well paying in 2018.

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My 'Worth It' Rating

What do you think to PocketMoneyGPT? Have you tried them out and been paid? Have any experiences or opinions?

Make sure to leave them down below by leaving a comment! I am interested in what you guys have to say 🙂

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