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Pinecone Research Reviews – Can You Make £3+ A Survey?

Pinecone Research Reviews

Hi folks!

Today I’ll be bringing you a Pinecone research reviews on a relatively well-known survey site called pinecone research.

I’ve only just been able to join the site as you have to be invited to join. At the moment they are currently allowing new users to apply for the site and register.

In this pinecone research reviews, I’ll be giving you the full run down on them…

What is Pinecone Research for?

Pinecone Research is available to anyone over the age of 16. For the moment Pinecone as the USA and UK version of the site.


UK Sign up here

USA Sign up here

How do you sign up?

The registration process takes roughly 5 minutes in total but includes all the profile survey information that you would need to fill in for most study sites. After you have registered, they will review your application, and within a couple of days, you will receive an email to tell you if you have been accepted/declined to the site. Getting declined is relatively rare however and normally only happens if all their registration spots have been taken up. First come first serve.

What payout can you request?

There are a variety of rewards you can claim. You can request Digital Gift Cards, Toys, Electronics, Watches, and all sorts of other stuff

What’s the minimum payout you can request?

You can apply for payment as soon as you get points for a survey. Each survey is roughly 300 points or more which is more than enough to get a reward of some sought.

What ways can you earn on Pinecone Research?


The only way to make money on Pinecone Research is through surveys. Pinecone Research invites their members to complete surveys on their site through email. They will send you many survey invitations through the email address you provided for them to go and complete an individual survey.

These surveys are sent randomly throughout the week and tend to expire after a couple of days. To have a better chance of qualifying for surveys, i highly recommend trying to get into a survey within a couple of hours of receiving the survey invitation through email. Like mentioned earlier you usually get paid 300 points or more for each survey that you complete which is about $3 in USD ( £2.40 in GBP).

I normally get about 5/6 invites to surveys a week which ain’t too great in my opinion considering that I tend to do at least five surveys a day on some of the sites I’m signed up for. The good thing, however, is that each survey pays kind of well, so I tend to make just under £10 a week which does add up when you have signed up to other study sites as well.

Pinecone Pros:

  • All types of rewards to choose from
  • High qualification rates
  • Small cash out

Pinecone Cons: 

  • No referral section
  • Not enough surveys in a week

My Conclusion

Looking back at my Pinecone research reviews I would say that it is an excellent site and will allow you to earn some money providing you attempt and qualify for every survey you get.

Having tried this place for about three weeks I still think the site is missing something and could do with some improvements in some areas, maybe a referral section or an offer wall section would be right. Still a good site, though:)

My Verdict


UK Sign up here

USA Sign up here

Feel free to leave a comment on literally anything below:)

Have you used this site before? What are your views on the site? Have any stories about the place?

Let me know; I’d love to here about them

Thank you for reading my review on ‘ Pinecone research reviews.’

Cya Later Folks, Josh:)

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