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PiggyBankGPT Review – Legitimate or Another Scam?

PiggyBankGPT Review

Today I'll be taking a look at a relatively long serving reward site called PiggyBankGPT. From what I've heard the site is average to say the least but can you actually make money from them? And are they even legit?

I thought I'd check them out for myself to see whether or not they are worth your time and effort, however I seriously doubt they are!

Read on in this PiggyBankGPT review to find out why this site might not be all what they make out to be.

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PiggyBankGPT Review Summary

What Are They?: 'Get Paid To' Rewards Site

Verdict: Scam

My Worth It Rating: 1/5

Is PiggyBankGPT Legit

What Is PiggyBankGPT?

PiggybankGPT are a rewards site that claims to pay members to complete various different activities and tasks. I say claim because over the years there have been various issues when it comes to paying out members. 

Over the years since founding back in 2010 the site has changed owners multiple times. This as meant that payments have been inconsistent to say the least

​How Do You Start Making Money?

While there are opportunities for you to earn there is a real lack of them avialable to you. I'll go over briefly what they do have however like I mentioned earlier your not sure to recieve anything you do make.

Completing Offers and Referring Friends seem to be the only real ways you can make money with them. Completing offers includes you following out different tasks and getting paid for them.

They do however have a solid referral program in place where you can earn a good amount of money if utilized.

There are two sources of income first you can earn 25% of all your referrals earnings plus you will get a one time commission of $0.50 once a referral makes $0.25 which I reckon should be easy to achieve.

Now while that pretty much sums up the opportunities you whiles well disregard that has they don't pay. So if you attempt to earn money with any of the two chances are your just giving them free money.

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​What Rewards Can You Redeem?

The payouts don't seem too bad as the thresholds are low, but even then I don't think there is enough opportunities offered that would help you make money with the site anyway.

For your interests they do pay (but don't) via PayPal, Amazon, ITunes, Walmart and others. If you do want to receive these kind of rewards Swagbucks and Prizerebel both offer opportunity's to help you earn and pay through them means.


They Don't Pay Out

As touched upon through out the review to this point they have actually stopped paying. This is a big issue as anything you participate in basically counts for nothing.

Not Worth The Time...

Whats available to you is quite a joke as apart from referring other people there isn't anything you can do actively on the site that will make you a good amount of money.

Sure you can do offers but there isn't many of them and from my experience I've found them to be an inconsistent way to make money, as sometimes they credit and other times they don't

The PiggyBankGPT Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    There are no positives to the site 

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    They don't payout consistently
  • close
    Showing no stability with the constant change in owners
  • close
    Opportunities are limited

My Final Thoughts

With all the issues that have been going on with PiggyBankGPT in particularly the poor payment system, in my opinion there anything but worth it. 

Any rewards site that has issues with payments goes down as a scam for me as there's no guarantee that your efforts will be rewarded.

Luckily this doesn't go for all reward sites out there as there are many that do pay. I would advise checking out these top 5 reward sites that pay out in 2018 instead.

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My 'Worth It' Rating

What do you think to PiggyBankGPT? Do you think there worth the time and effort? Had any experiences or any opinions on them?

Let me know what you guys have to say, I'd love to hear it! 🙂

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