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Persona.Ly Review

Today I’ll be bringing a review on an offer wall called From now on into the future ill be bringing you reviews on offer walls and survey routers showing you how you can earn money using them. Today I’ll be talking you through and the best ways to go about making money using this offer wall to make money on survey sites.

Without Further ado lets get into it

What is is a service that pays sites when members on survey and rewarding sites use their service to get points

What survey sites does Persona.Ly appear on? can be found on most survey sites out there such as:

  • Swagbucks
  • InstaGC
  • Keep Rewarding
  • Cashcrate
  • PrizeRebel
  • InboxDollars
and others.

What ways can you earn using

You can make money on this offer wall for completing the following types of offers:


  • Making a deposit on a Betting site – these often pay the best, but you will need to make a deposit of around £10 to £30 to get credited. You do usually get paid the same amount for completing the offer as you deposit on betting site.
  • Sponsored Surveys – These are usually quite high paying within the region of £3 to £5. To qualify for these surveys. However, you must fit the particular audience. Before entering the survey, I would advise reading the description as it will tell you what there looking for such as age, occupation, etc.
  • Persona Surveys – Aswell as the sponsored surveys they also have their surveys. Most of these don’t pay that well averaging around £0.50 although some do pay around the 1 pound range. These are updated all throughout the day.
  • Featured Apps – Download apps is another way to earn money using this offer wall. These pay quite poorly but make up for the fact that there easy to do. You will only get a couple of these every couple of days.
  • Sign Ups – These are a good way to earn money as you don’t have to pay half the time to complete them. You will be required for some of them to use your Payment details, but that’s just for the free trials. You will see a couple of these and these are usually updated every couple of weeks. These pay ok from around £1 to £10.

Pros of Using to make money

  • The Sponsored surveys pay well
  • Surveys are updated daily
  • Nicely laid
  • out offer wall

Cons of Using to make money

  • The non-sponsored Surveys dont pay very well
  • Apps pay cents literally, so I would look elsewhere to download them and earn money


There are some good ways to earn money using this offer wall like the sign ups and the sponsored surveys which pay good value for time. Compared to some of the other offer walls this one is one of high paying off the.



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