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Opinions at Trone Review – Is This Survey Site Worth It?

In this post I'll be bringing you a Opinions at Trone Review. This is a survey panel I've come across recently that offer's opportunity's for you to make money online.

I think it goes without saying that not every survey panel out there will help you earn extra cash, but from the ones I've use I have had success with.

Anyway I'm guessing you have come across this review to find out a more about Opinions at Trone and whether they are worth your time. 

I was suprised of the lack of reviews for this panel however I today I'll cover every thing you need to know about them.

Opinions At Trone Review

Name: Opinions At Trone

Type: Survey Site

Recommended?: No and I'll explain why later

Verdict: Legitimate, But not an opportunity to make money

What Are Opinions at Trone About?

For those of you who don't know Opinions at Trone is a survey panel that reward members for completing surveys. 

Notice how i said reward instead of pay that is because you don't earn gift cards of cash for your participation at this site, but I'll get more into this later on.

So what exactly are Opinions at Trone, they are a panel owned and operated by Trone Brand Energy. The aim of the company is to collect opinions and insights on products from the public and forward them on to market research companys.

The company have been in force ever since 1982 and are an established US based company.

How Do You Start Making Money With Opinions at Trone?

Now to start with let me tell you that earning money isn't exactly possible with this site.

That is because when you complete surveys instead of gaining points that can be later used to redeem rewards you will be entered into sweepstakes.

Personally I'm not a fan of these kind of sites as you do the surveys that can sometimes take time only to be entered into a draw. This means that if your rewarded or not it depends on whether you win the sweep.

How Much Can You Make From Thier Sweepstakes?

From what I've seen people have won the sweepstakes which I was surprised to hear. My initial impression was that they were another scam however people have made money. 

From the reviews I have seen people have made $50 and even $100. They do claim though that the main draw is $250 so if you win that it could be worth it.

However your by no means guarenteed to win anything as completing surveys will only get you entries and even then it's still only a small chance you win.

Opinions at Trone Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    ​Established company
  • check
    High paying sweepstakes to be won

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Whether you earn money is complete chance
  • close
    High age requirements
  • close
    No other consistent ways to earn extra cash offered to members


Unfortunately I'll start this sum up of this site by saying I do not recommend it. I find the idea of completing surveys only to be entered into a draw a waste of time.

Obviously if you manage to win you will end up earning a nice amount of money however the chances of that happening are against you.

My 'Worth It' Rating

What I’d recommend over Opinions at Trone?

Its easy to recommend sites that are better then Opinions at Trone that is because there are many sites out there that offer more opportunities to make money online.

I've used quite a few in the past but to save you the time I've narrowed all of them down to 1 survey site that I have has the best experiences with and will offer you the most opportunity's to make money.

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