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Onepulse App Review – Is Onepulse Legit Or A Scam?

When ever I get some spare time or either on public transport I'll end up going through a few of my money making apps doing a few tasks here and there.

If you haven't noticed I am a big fan of survey sites and apps that help you make extra cash. In today's post ill be taking a look at yet another money making app that has come my way called OnePulse.

I'm sure you have come across this post wanting to know just what are they about. Well in this OnePulse app review I'll be taking you through all you need to know about them as well as just how you can go about making money.

OnePulse Review Summary


What Are They?: An app that pays you to complete surveys

Verdict: Legit

Worth It?: Yes

OnePulse Main Page

What Is OnePulse

OnePulse is effectively an app that pays you to complete surveys from your phone. What seems to be a familiar theme with these apps that give them the upper hand over most sites is that the surveys are short and easy to complete.

One frustrating factor that puts many people of completing surveys is the fact there either time consuming or you find yourslef being screened out way too many times.

From using OnePulse and apps similar that isn't the case as the surveys are quick and easy to do. For me this is how surveys should be, which is why I have found myself using and reviewing apps just like this one called 

How Does OnePulse Work?

Onepulse also have a Youtube channel where you can learn more about the company and they work. The following video I have attached below will give you a brief introduction of what Onepulse consists of and as to offer.

Getting Started With OnePulse

If you don't already have OnePulse you will need to go and download it and install it to your phone. Luckily doing this is straightforward as the app is available and can be found of both the IOS and Android app store. Once installed on your phone you will then want to create an account which takes a few minutes in total to do.

To get started they will give you a survey that consists of 65 questions. Profile surveys are generally used by company's to help them understand there consumers and members better. it may seem like a lot but if you plan on using the app to make money it will work out good in the long run as you get more opportunities and surveys sent to you. 

How Can I Start Earning Money?

The surveys in this app are known as 'Pulses' and for every one you complete you will receive a certain amount of points. 

It is worth knowing that not every pulse you complete will reward points but you will know which ones pay before starting and you can choose therefore which ones you would like to complete

There are Onepulse paid pulses and also free ones that you can complete but not receive any rewards for. Now onto how much they pay for the paid pulses and you can typically expect to receive within the region of 20p a survey. Your probably saying, well that is not a lot but when you consider that these take a minute tops to complete and that many sites I've reviewed pay that amount for long 30 minutes odd surveys you can't exactly go wrong. 

If you want to know how to get more pulses then like I mentioned earlier make sure to complete all of the profile surveys/questions as that will increase your chances.

Aswell as that they are actually quite fun to do and engaging, whenever I complete a survey on a site that takes 30 minutes I often lose interest half way through

What Rewards Are Available

Whats strange is how so many survey sites I've recommended (100's) have long payout systems which means that you can end up waiting up to a month in most cases to receive your rewards. 

I tend to stay away from those sites as to be honest I'm quite impatient so being paid instantly is what I'm all about.

With OnePulse its gets sweeter as they pay out within a few seconds of your request. ​

They do have a minimum threshold of £5 and with the surveys being somewhat lowing paying it will take you at least 25/30 which is the only down side but then again it is easy money to be made.

The OnePulse Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    Instantly Pays through PayPal
  • check
    Surveys are easy and fun to complete
  • check
    Earn money anywhere using it from your phone

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Can be a grind to reach the minimum threshold as the surveys payout low
  • close
    Can be a lack of 'Pulses' that pay out

So Is Onepulse Worth It?

Onepulse is legit and does pay out well considering the small amount of time you need to put into it. Despite the fact the surveys pay low they do still payout better then a lot of surveys ive tried out elsewhere.

It offers a great way to make some extra money but I it goes without saying that making a fortune or even replacing a full time job isn't the case here. With that said I reckon making an extra £10 to £20 a month is a good little income for what is a few minutes out of your day.

If your looking for additional sites and apps that will boost your income even further then I would recommend these high paying sites that pay out well in 2018.

My 'Worth It' Rating

Do you think Onepulse is worth it? Feel free to leave a comment down below! 🙂

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