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MistPlay App Review – Get Paid To Play Games On Your Phone?

MistPlay App Review

Today I'll be bringing to you a MistPlay App Review after recently coming across the company in the app store.

If you don't know MistPlay is basically an app that pays people to play and test out games. Sounds cool, right?

However as your probably wondering right now is thier any money to be made with this app and are they even legitimate in the first place.

Well read on to the end of this MistPlay review to find out whether they are a legit app worth the time and effort.

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Mistplay Review Summary


What Are They?: Get Paid To Play Games

Verdict: Legit

My Worth It Rating: 4/5

Mistplay Main

What Is MistPlay?

MistPlay is an app that offers the opportunity for people to make money from their phone by playing games.

These days you will find that thier tons of games on the app store which many of us play for our enjoyment and for free. With MistPlay you can check out new and trending games but in return get paid for the amount time you spend playing and trying them out.

I have tried out similar opportunities just like this one, such as the likes of Fitplay and Applike which have identical concepts. However I don't recommend them two apps anymore as a lot of people have complained about not being paid out

How MistPlay Works

How Do You Get Started?

First you will need to go and install the app on your phone. You can do this by typing in 'Mistplay' into either the Google Play Store downloading it from their. Unfortunately I tried to find it on IOS but it looks like its only available for those with androids.

That or you can either just click on this link to take you straight there.

Once you have downloaded the app, you will have two options to sign up. You can either register using your Facebook or you can just create a username and use one of your own email addresses.

How Do Start Earning Money?

There two ways you can make money with MistPlay, these consist of playing games/apps and taking use of thier referral program.

Playing Games

The main feature is getting paid to try out new games. How this works is the app tracks how long you keep a game open for, so the longer you play the game the more GXP (Gain Experience Points) you earn.

When you earn certain amounts of points you will then be able to level up which will help you earn more.

Referral Program

The referral feature is gives you the opportunity to earn money by inviting other people to the app.

For every person you refer you will receive 500 points this equals out at roughly $1.60 a referral.

In my opinion this isn't too bad and could be a great way to earn money passively.

What Rewards Can You Earn?

You can redeem rewards such as Itunes, Amazon, Prepaid Visa, Xbox, Steam, Playstation, GameStop, Facebook, Google Play and Rixty gift cards.

There isn't any cash options on offer however the minimum threshold needed in order to cash out is $5.00 for most of the rewards.

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Is MistPlay Worth It?

Many of you are probably wondering this right now and I would say both yes and no depending on what your looking to gain.

So if you are a big fan of games on your handset and also want to make some extra cash I would recommend them as its free money for something you would do anyway but not get anything more. You would just need to bare in mind that its only extra cash and nothing more than that.

On the other hand if you are looking to make a full-time income or even a part time one then Mistplay isn't worth it as you will only be receiving cents for playing the games. It can build into a nice income after time but won't give you anything more than $50 a month.

If you are looking for a way to triple that amount instead I would check out this very similar site here that offers more opportunities to earn such as playing games, taking surveys and watching videos. You could earn at least $500 a month with whats on offer.

The MistPlay Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    Easy and legit way to make extra cash
  • check
    Anyone can get started
  • check
    Open to anyone over 18

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Takes time to build up earnings
  • close
    While the training is of worth, a lot of the prices are over priced.
  • close
    Lack of support

Is MistPlay Legit?

MistPlay is legit however if its worth it depends on the factors I brought up early on in this review.

All in all thought MistPlay will earn you some extra cash and does offer a fun way to make money aswell. I have tried similar apps however I would put MistPlay above them as there is more ways to make money plus they do actually pay.

Feel free to check out MistPlay here if you are interested in earning some extra cash in your spare time.

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My 'Worth It' Rating

What do you think to MistPlay? Have any thoughts or opinions on them that you would like heard?

Let me know by dropping a comment down below 🙂

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