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What Is Mintvine Surveys About – Is Mintvine A Scam?

What Is MintVine Surveys About

If your looking for a Mintvine surveys review and want to know more about them then your in the right place.

In this review I’ll be taking you through all you need to know about the survey panel aswell as my thoughts and experiences with them.

Now overall I would say that completing surveys at home is a great source of income and can help you earn and save money each month. 

With everything you are going to find at least one fault, so for this review of Mintvine I'll be talking you through the good and also bad elements of the site so that you get an overall picture of what the site is all about

Mintvine Surveys Review

Operated By: Branded Research

Mintvines Cashout: £10 minimum withdrawal

Verdict: Legitimate

Worth It?: Not in my opinion

*Update - February 2018* - Branded Research have since decided to rename the panel. They are no longer called Mintvine instead they are Branded Surveys

Mintvine logo

First Off Do They Even Pay?

It is possible to make money with Mintvine and before we go further I can tell you they are legit.

I decided to try Mintvine as you will find out more about in this review to see if they pay out. For me anyway I received a payment through PayPal after i requested a reward after reaching the £10 threshold.

Mintvine Payment Proof

What Is MintVine Surveys About?

MintVine is a survey panel owned and operated by a market research company called Branded Research.

When it comes to survey sites it doesnt get more simpler than mintvine. The concept is easy in that you will be paid to do things such as complete surveys, offers and many other things which I'll discuss more later on in this review.

If your wondering how exactly MintVine works the below video will show you a tutorial will tell you what they are about and how to use the site.

Who Can Join MintVine?

Mintvine is available to anyone worldwide over the minimum age of 13.

This is great for any young teens out there wanting to earn some money.

This is probably the lowest age needed to sign up for a survey site that I’ve seen as sites like Swagbucks whose age minimum is 14 years of age.

Is Getting Your First Payment Easy Enough? 

If you have completed surveys online chances are you've probably came across Mintvine. For the purpose of this review I decided to sign up too see just how easy it is to recieve a payout.

For the purpose of this review I decided to sign up for Mintvine and see how easy it is to get paid out.

They also give you a signup bonus of $2 which makes getting that first payout that little bit easier and helped me.

I say the $2 bonus helped me as I found getting 1000 points a grind, it is legit but it will take you time to reach the threshold which I’ll go over in this review.

What Opportunity's Are Available On The Site?


Mintvine has several surveys available to you each day ranging anywhere from 50 to 500 points which are $0.50 – $5.00.

The good thing about Mintvine is that some surveys they have do pay fairly well. However not all of the do so you can expect to recieve surveys around $0.40 to $1.50 each.

Mintvine has this thing called a ‘survey funnel’ where you can take survey one after another without interruption while clocking up points as you go through them. 

I tend to receive emails throughout the week some of which inviting me to exclusive surveys through mintvine.

You could typically get around 10 of these each week. These ones are great has they pay a lot and are normally pretty easy to get through.

2. Offer Walls

Another good thing about mintvine is that they have offer walls on the site which means you will never run out of earning opportunities and that there is no limit to your earning.

Normally when I run out of surveys to complete on the Mintvine Survey Funnel and Street, this is usually the next place I go. I recommend checking in daily on Adwall as they frequently update their offer wall with high paying surveys to complete

​3. Daily Polls

Mintvine has this little extra feature where you can add your opinion into a poll to get 5 points.

They upload a new one every day, so if you were to do this each day for a week, you would get an easy 35 points.

MVP Community Referral Programme

    Like with most survey sites out there Mintvine as it’s own Referral system where you can invite people to the site to get extra bonuses. Mintvines referral programme is pretty impressive and one of the best ones I have used.

    Mintvines system works a bit like this:

  • You will get 15% of ALL the surveys and offers each of your referrals complete
  • You will also get 50 points for EVERY survey they complete as well

What Payouts Are Available?

You can cash out with PayPal, Amazon and many other favourite retailers. This is awesome if your looking for different choices to request a reward for.

They do have a minimum payout of 1000 points ($10/£7) however you will need to wait 30 days for points from surveys to clear and become withdrawable.

After the points have been released from pending state they are then yours to withdraw.

How Long Do Payouts Take To Process?

They say to give it 1-3 days to process your payout. When they’re busy however like during the holiday periods it can take up to 14 days which is what happened with the payment I received.

The MintVine Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    Payouts arrive within a couple of days
  • check
    Sign up bonus of 200 points (£2)
  • check
    Fairly reachable minimum threshold

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Points from surveys are held in a pending state for 30 days
  • close
    Some days you will have fewer surveys available to you than others.

Is MintVine A Scam?

Mintvine offers an opportunity to make extra cash through simply providing your opinion on various different topics.

However despite the ease of how that sounds you will find it will take you time to build up enough points to cash out on a consistent basis.

While they wont make you tons of money there certainly worth giving a try to see if you like them.

My 'Worth It' Rating

Want To Know My Preferred Alternative To Mintvine?

Sure Mintvine is a good survey site and has a great reputation however I found reaching the £10 threshold long.

In this day and age were all about getting things done and getting paid quick. With the 30 day pending state it will take you at least a month to see any rewards

I personally recommend a rewards site by the name of Swagbucks which offers a much swifter way to get paid for completing surveys, browsing the web, watching videos, etc.

Have you had any experiences with Mintvine Surveys? Got a question in general to ask me?

Let me know in the comments section below:)

Have A Great Day! Josh

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