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MindMover Surveys Review – Is This Site Legit Or A Scam?

MindMover is another survey site that is based in the UK. Recently I’ve reviewed quite a few survey sites with most of them being based in the UK. Anyway today I’ll be reviewing MindMover to see if it’s not only Legit but also if so a genuine earning opportunity online. Let’s get into shall we

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MindMover Connect

What is MindMover Surveys?

MindMover is a research panel in the UK that gives the chance for residents of the UK to earn some extra cash in exchange for insights and opinions. 

What Is Mindmover

What Payout Can You Request and When Can You Request One?

You can request either a bank transfer or a payout via PayPal. These two payouts work a little differently, as you need to reach different thresholds to get a payout.

For a bank transfer, you need to reach a threshold of £30 and for PayPay you will need to reach a slightly lower threshold of £20. For £20 you will need 2000 points and for £30 you will need 3000 points

MindMover Surveys

For every survey, you complete you will receive a certain amount of points, but note that each surveys points rewards are different.

So for one survey, you may find you will end up getting more points than another, but then again that is how surveys work. The Surveys that MindMover sends you will pay more for the ones that take longer and less for the ones that don’t take as much time to complete.

Most surveys will reward between 100 and 2000 points, which is £0.10 to £20, with the higher reward ones being not only longer in length but also not as frequent to come by.

What I do like about this site is the frequency of surveys which means that making that first payout won’t be that hard, this is because MindMover does send out a lot of surveys on a daily basis which is good.

Technically if you get offered some high paying surveys you can cash out within 1 or 2 completed surveys, but I would guess you would need to complete more than that to reach the payout.

Pros Of MindMover:

  • Pays Through PayPal
  • High frequency of surveys

Cons Of MindMover:

  • High Minimum Payout of £20
  • All rewards delivered within 56 days of redemption

Well Is MindMover Legit Or A Scam?

Yes MindMover is Legit and is definitely not a scam as it does pay members


Apart from a fairly large wait of 56 days maximum to receive your rewards, it does seem like a genuine opportunity to make money online.

It does, however, help how there is a good frequency in surveys with this site so despite the threshold being £20 as long as you plough through the surveys you should find reaching the payout fairly easy.

I don’t normally like sites that have huge thresholds as they don’t send out enough surveys to reach them but with this one its an exception. So for that MindMover gets my recommendation

You can sign up here through this link

My Verdict


What’s My Recommendation?

Hardly ever like survey sites like MindMover but in this case, I really don’t mind them as they offer you the chance to earn good money.

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Have you used MindMover Before? How did You Get On? Do let me know:)

Have a great day guys:)

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