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Survey routers are one of the main ways people use to make money on survey sites.

The one I'll be reviewing today is a fairly well-known one called Samplicious Surveys.

I've used this one many times in the past but have had rather mixed success with it, while it is one of the biggest ones out there today I'll be reviewing this wall to find out if using this router is a good way to earn money on survey sites.


Samplicio Review Summary

What Are They?:

Survey Router

Target GEO:




 What Is Samplicious Surveys?

Samplicious Surveys owned by a company called Lucid which is a survey router and offer wall that is commonly found on survey sites. 

What they do is provide surveys to members on survey sites that they have been handed to them by third party companies looking for opinions on their services and products.

They are the people between the market research companies and the survey sites who pay out there members.

So when you get paid for a Samplicio survey you will then get that credit on the reward site you use.

How Do They Offer?

Samplicious surveys offer all kinds of surveys which target all kinds of audiences.

What I've found with suspicious surveys is that it's when you qualify for a survey as they do have fairly high disqualification rates.

While these surveys can be rewarding it all depends on whether you can qualify for them in the first place as I find a lot that when I attempt a survey I'm soon being redirected to a new one.

How Long Do The Surveys Generally Take?

These surveys normally take around 15-30 to complete, most taking the latter.

From my experience, most of the surveys I have tried have taken that amount of time.

What's quite frustrating is that sometimes you can be going through a survey and get to the end of it and samplico will then redirect you.

This will be to another survey and therefore you will not get credited for the one you just completed.

Another thing is that at the start of the surveys you will find that the pre-qualification questions are quite hard to get past and I would say on average 7/10 times I will be booted out a survey.

How Much Can You Get Paid?

You will find samplicious surveys on most survey sites but none of them will pay the same which is why you should compare them to see which ones pay the best.

From the surveys I've taken most of them pay in the region of £0.90 to £1.10 which isn't too bad, but very rarely do I qualify for a survey. 

That is because the disqualification rates are quite high and I think that has something to do with the higher payouts.

Whenever you see high paying surveys the chances are the companies behind them are looking for either a certain audience or lower quota.

Key Points To Take Away

1. High disqualification rates

If you are new to surveys by all means give them ago however don't be disheartened if you are getting kicked out constantly. have one of the highest rates when it comes to disqualifications I think I have seen.

To the point where if you do try them you already know unless your lucky that you won't get paid for it.

2. They Pay Well For Surveys

On the sites I have used to complete I have been offered around $1 and sometimes more.

While that doesn't seem like alot its actually a good payout compared to some.

I have come across so many that pay cents, as low as $0.10 believe it or not. So with that said this router is good.

However they are only good if you can qualify for them in the first place.

3. Most Take 20 to 30 minutes to complete

This ties in with number two that because they pay well you can expect most of them to take up to 30 minutes.

Alot of the surveys I have tried have taken me around that time scale which is definitely long.

Now with the survey routers that give out random surveys you don't know what you are going to get.

But I would recommend staying away from the long ones unless you know you will get paid for them as they are too long.

4. Can complete surveys but not get rewarded

This is one of the biggest frustrations I have witnessed is that you can complete surveys and not get paid for it.

As soon as you think you have completed the last page you are redirected to pre questions for other surveys.

It's like have I missed a step because you haven't been credited.

So do bare this in mind before you attempt one of there surveys, as for me I felt slightly cheated by this happening.

Is A Scam? are a safe survey router to use and you can make money on survey sites using them.

With some survey routers you are not sure whether they are worth it and if your time is being wasted.

From my experience I have found Samplicio fairly disappointing as the amount of surveys I have completed vs how many I have been I have been booted from is high.

So when ever I complete one of the surveys they offer I always go in with a low expectation as i'm not sure what to expect.

Whenever it comes to completing surveys you will get disqualified its just how it is.

Now you can try some of these methods to help you not get disqualified as often, but ultimately its not in your hands the majority of the time.

My 'Worth It' Rating


What do you think to (Site Name)? Have any questions or opinions you would like to throw my way?

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