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Iwadi Reviews – Is This Site A Good Way To Make Extra Cash?

Today I’ll be reviewing a site called Iwadi that has recently come to my attention recently however what’s odd with this site is that there is a real lack of reviews on the site. In this Iwadi reviews I’ll be giving you verdict on the app aswell as telling you just what the panel is all about.

Because of this I thought I’d check the site out for my self and see what exactly it’s all about.

Iwadi is an online research panel that pays you to give your opinions on various different products and services.

Iwadi claim to work with all the top companies and market researchers to provide you with surveys that they believe will influence the world.

While Iwadi do say what everyone wants to hear are they a site to get involved with to make money.

In this review you will find out whether iwadi is legit or not and if so would I recommend them to you guys.

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What is Iwadi?

As I mentioned above Iwadi is a online research panel that offer’s a way for the public to earn money in exchange for opinions and voices on all kinds of products.

Iwadi works with a company some of you might be familiar with in Cint which is based in Sweeden. All the surveys come from Cint on iwadi so every time a member completes a survey Iwadi will get paid from Cint.

For any of you wondering what Iwadi means it comes from the African language Yoruba, which translates to ‘to study’.

How Do You Sign Up?

The sign up process is straightforward to complete and takes a couple of minutes to get an account registered. You will need the standard details such as email for the email confirmation.

How Do You Start Making Money With Iwadi

As soon as you’ve registered you will start receiving email invites for surveys from Iwadi, you can simply choose which surveys to choose from to earn money. The only way to make money is through there surveys which like I briefly mentioned earlier is partnered with Cint, so the surveys you get invited to will be from companies connected to Cint. This isn’t great as Cint surveys are a pain to qualify for and complete.

For the surveys you will typically recieve between £0.10 to £2.70 a survey. The rates for Cint surveys are generally small so I would expect most surveys to be around the latter.

I’ve reviewed quite a few survey sites like Iwadi, sites crowdology is one of them that also partners Cint that springs to mind. The issue with Cint surveys is that they pay little and also disqualify you every 9 in 10 surveys from my experience.


What Payouts Can You Get And When Can You Get Them?

They offer payment through either a paypal payment or you can either recieve gift cards like Amazon. For the gift cards you will need £8 before requesting and for the Amazon gift cards you will need £10.

In order to recieve a payment through PayPal you will need an overall balance of at least £8 in your account. There’s also a limit on the most you can withdraw with that being £12 per transaction.


Iwadi Pros and Cons


Iwadi Pros:

  • Pays through Paypal


Iwadi Cons:

  • Takes a while to reach the minimum threshold
  • Not a lot of reputation for the site
  • You can only make money through there surveys



I’ve tried to get paid for completing surveys with sites almost identical to Iwadi and found it difficult because they make it hard for you to accumulate the amount of money it takes to withdraw. I wouldn’t recommend Iwadi as its not a great site if your looking to make quick cash, when I say quick I mean between 1 to 14 days of signing up. For the sites I use they have good withdrawals systems and a number of opportunity’s to make money.

My Verdict




Is Iwadi legit?

While I’ve seen reviews where people have claimed to get paid, but I’m still unsure about them as there is a lack of reviews on the Internet or Iwadi. From what I’ve seen there’s defined some question marks over Iwadi and I would suggest looking at some of these survey sites to make actual money.

Dont Want To Waste Your Time With Surveys?

While Sites like Iwadi make it hard for you to cash out your money and also mwaste your time on the process aswell. I would much rather prefer to do something that would help me make more money in the long term then watch my iwadi account go up a few cents every week or so because of the occasional survey.

That is why I myself use and recommend starting your own business. As its arguably the best way to make a passive income in 2017. With millions of people using the Internet each day there are just so many opportunity’s to make money through sharing a hobbie/interest online. Which is why making an online business is a great way to make money going forward.

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What do you think to Iwadi? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below

Have a great day!


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